Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brett Favre in There's Something about Mary a Super Bowl Clue for the Dolphins?

I got this message a few minutes ago. I just posted about the Dakota Access Pipeline banner at the Vikings game and the guy wearing the Brett Favre Jersey. 

The only movie that Brett Favre is in is "There's Something About Mary". 

Right after Favre comes in and Ben Stiller leaves Mary goes outside and tells Ted he forgot his KEYS.   Then of course he goes on and gets the girl and the film ends soon after. 

The plot begins in 1985 the last time the Dolphins were in the SB was in 1985. 
Notice it then skips over 13 years..."Dan Marino" wore # 13. 
They are 29 years old 13 years later. 
So the reason Brett Favre shows up is cause Mary is living in Miami and he has a game against the Dolphins. 
Orthopedic Surgeon=95, 212
Cameron Michelle Diaz=95
Mary Jensen=43=Dolphins

Cameron Diaz also got her big start in her first movie The Mask with Jim Carrey. (Ace Ventura). 
Also notice she turned 44 the same day Teddy Bridgewater injured his achilles. Bridgewater from Miami. 

I think I know what that "Something" is about Mary. 
Wiki lets us know Diaz got married after being engaged for 17 days. She's married to Benji Madden which reminds us of Football too. He's in the band Good Charlotte that I've talked about previously in regards to the Royal Family...Their first Big Album has the nuclear blast on the cover. 
Also I remember her most for dating Justin Timberlake who was born on 1/31..."Superbowl"=131
Mariah Carey just messed up on the New Years eve party and the CNN article even reminded us of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson in the Super Bowl. Timberlake is also the lead voice in the movie Trolls. 

The movie also stars Ben Stiller who is age 51. 
Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller=112, 256
There's something about Mary=112

Possibly nothing but in regards to all of the SB 48 symbolism I'm reminded of the film "Along Came Polly" that stars stiller and Philip Seymour Hoffman who died the day of SB 48. 


  1. As soon as i saw that dude with the favre jersey in minnesota, i thought of that movie

    1. It's great stuff, I would have never thought of that at all.

  2. I was feeling pretty good about all the Dolphins clues, but them getting whipped today has me once again doubting them. I didn't get to watch the game, how did they look? Even if Tannehill comes back, they aren't gonna win giving up 35 points by the defense. What do you think?

    1. Well one of the TD's was because of a Dolphins fumble that got almost returned for a TD. The Dolphins should've at least got a FG on that drive too. There was also a 77 yard TD pass to Edelman. The Patriots FG was due to an interception. A big play and a few offensive mistakes made the Defense seem a lot worse than they really were. I didn't start watching until it was 14-0 so didn't see the first 2 scores. I think it makes sense the Pats won making them 14-2 like Miami Dolphins=142, Pat won with "Thirty Five"=142...Who knows seems they are showing a lot of things connecting to Miami, but hell they showed a lot with the Colts as well..maybe Miami is the next fake out. There are some clues within the Dolphins that lead back to the Patriots. Last year was the year of the Underdog, and I saw on Espn today a story about the Cowboys vs Patriots and the Overdogs are worth rooting for.

    2. It wAs a meaningless game for Miami as they locked the 6 seed anyway and no chance to change that,,,in a world of non rigged sports anyway....Remember the Jets lost 45-3 to the Pats in 2010 in week 16 on a Monday night and 3 weeks later beat the Pats in divisional round 2010???

    3. I Forgot about that, maybe I'll throw a few bucks on the fins just for grins since they are +3300 to win the AFC.

  3. Hey Dan, or Jeremy...just wondering what ur thoughts are on this Steelers/dolphins game which will be the 5 year anniversary to the day of the Tim Tebow defeat of the Steelers in the famous John 316 coincidence game on Jan 9 2012

  4. Tebow's 13th career game was against the Dolphins and his 17th career game was against the Jets with a score of 17-13...That Steelers game going to OT 23-23 reminds me of the Colts vs Texans game this season doing the same thing. Roethlisberger also played college at Miami, Ohio. Have to look more into it. It's fitting to what I was saying about Chad Henne and Jake Long as Tebow lost to their Michigan team the year he won the Heisman. Then the next year Tebow won the national championship that was played in Miami the same year he lost the Heisman to Bradford and COLT Mccoy.