Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dolphins/Packers Alpha and Omega-Age of Aquarius-Even more proof of the connection of me to my Uncle Barney-Flintstones 318-Ralph

This was pointed out in one of my comments. 
If the Dolphins won they would be 11-4 all time. 
Which would fit into the Tie stuff I previously mentioned. 

I've had some suspicions of the Packers for a while now considering all of the interrelated stories I was mentioning throughout the year were connected to Wisconsin. 
Samuel Foltz=150
Green Bay Packers=150
Lincoln, Nebraska=150
I talked about the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia being built opened on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. It was built by RALPH Modjeski. 
Sam Foltz/Mike Sadler die in Wisconsin. 
Dwayne Wade went to Marquette(Wisconsin)
Kaepernick born in  Milwaukee(Wisconsin)
JJ Watt from Wisconsin. 
Wisconsin defeats LSU, Mich St, and Nebraska this year. 
The Packers were the team the 49ers were playing when Kaepernick didn't stand for the National Anthem. Geronimo Allison was the leading receiver(Native American theme), he also went to Iowa Western Community College...which is connected to the Mormons and more. 
All of the Royal themes and King Ralph wearing the Packers Jacket and Cubs hat. 
The movie War Dogs that is connected to Miami but also to the Packers. 
I've also wondered since the car that hit Zach's house had the Green G insulation on it, and the big deal everyone was making was in regards to the Colts losing that day. If somehow that Green G is telling us of the Packers? Sounds strange but anymore nothing seems strange to me. 
Plus think about John Goodman in regards to my Uncle Barney who I keep bringing up....
John Goodman was also Fred Flintstone. Fred Flintstone based off of RALPH Kramden. 
That Film was also Elizabeth Taylor's final theatrical appearance-think about her in regards to Carrie Fisher. 
King Ralph=51
John Stephen Goodman=203=Three Hundred Eighteen
Mostly known for playing the role of DAN Conner. 
Possibly nothing but as I was trying to re look at the King Ralph stuff I noticed my computer will not load the picture of King Ralph wearing the Packers/Cubs stuff. It loads all the other pictures but will not load that 1 pic. 
The Film came out on 15/2 as well. 
Super Bowl Li=152

The original voice of Fred Flintstone died on 6/14/77 which in a leap year would be the 166th day...but it was also Donald Trump's 31st birthday. 

The Football team in the show is the Bedrock Brontos which is a play on the Denver Broncos and their Rival is the Rock Bay Pachyderms which is play on Green Bay Packers. 

How interesting in regards to the Train Wrecks and the last time 2 teams tied in a season was in 1997 when the Packers lost to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. 

The 164th episode of the Flintstones is even called Dripper which is a play on Flipper..,The Dolphin...notice it came out on 3/18. 

The 318 coming up so much and it has connections to Jesus. Also the Bullying Scandal that began on Halloween in 2013 reminds me of 2010 when I was Jesus for Halloween and I went to the bar with my cousin who was Fred Flintstone. 
He was also the cousin who ran for help in the death of my best friends brother. How weird is that? 
Although this party began on 10/30/10 but came to an end on 10/31/10. 
I'm not gonna post his Facebook but it says he's been a member since 2/5..2006. 
I'm also 1209 days older than him. He was born on 3/3/1986. 
L=12 I=9
He's also a Lions fan like my brother. The only 2 Lions fans I know or at least remember. 
He used to wear his Johnson jersey and I would wear my Long jersey so when we stood together it said Long Johnson. 
Green Bay=77=Christ
I am  Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end...The Packers won the first Super Bowl and Oblivion(Film) hints Super Bowl 51 is the last. (who knows just thinking about things)
Also the Age of Aquarius seems fitting for the Dolphins(Aqua) The Superbowl even falls during Aquarius(1/21-2/18)

There's even a fairly recent show called Aquarius based on Charles Manson...The last episode was on 9/10/16 which leaves 112 days. 

I remember my Uncle Barney quit drinking as told by my other uncles on 8/8/88.. He also got married on 8/8/1980. I just text my mom and asked for his full name and bday. 
He was born on 7/23/1953....Makes complete sense. His 63rd bday was the day Sam Foltz died/First day of Dogs Days of Summer/Neptunalia.  No wonder he's connected to the 88's...Neptune the 8th planet and so on. 
Bernard Allan Murphy=86, 203
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
So Barney was born in 53'
My Uncle Kelly died age 53.
My Uncle Mike died on 5/12 Kelly died on 10/15 a span of 5 months 3 days. 
My Mom is currently 53 years old. 
They grew up in "Ralston Nebraska"=53
Nebraska=53(S and K)

That means Barney's bday is also 110 days or 3 months 18 days before my birthday. 
Miami Florida=110
Just unbelievable....

Thinking about it too, Timmy's(cousin Fred Flintstone) older brother Ryan lives in Miami or I think it's Pembroke Pines, Florida which is a suburb of Miami. 
Remember the train collision in Florida in November too? It was going to Pembroke, Kentucky. 
Florida Train Collision
Ryan Murphy=159

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