Monday, January 9, 2017

3 Texas men missing while Duck Hunting...Craig Strickland found dead duck hunting..(short post)

This story we got today about these kids duck hunting reminds me a lot of the death of Craig Strickland last year. 

Craig Strickland was a country singer who was also Duck Hunting with a friend and they both turned up dead. 
We also had the Duck Bus Crash stories last year as well. 

Interesting as they were found 1 year 12 days apart. 
Duck Hunting=51
Strickland's most famous song was Backroad Anthem
Backroad Anthem=53, 116

I'm going to bed but wanted to post this before I forgot. I need to go back and look yet again... but there were a bunch of connections with this story. Chip Kelly being fired, the Mighty Ducks, I think even Howard the Duck? 

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