Monday, January 9, 2017

Listening for the amphibian apocalypse...Blue Jean Frog

Not a lot to say about this long article at the moment. I just wanted to document that the first line in the story talks about the "Blue Jean" Frog.  I just mentioned blue and blue jeans in the Fort Lauderdale shooting. 
CNN Article Amphibian Apocalypse
I wonder if there's something to do with Genetics too....Like "Blue Gene" 


  1. Interesting thought Dan
    Perhaps red genes and blue genes
    Like the the Pepsi logo - Pepsi half time show
    Red and blue = purple, like the Purple and Royal themes.

  2. 1st thing that came to me when I read 'Blue Jean' was the David Bowie song. (I don't know about all the reptile stuff, but it has 'that look')