Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Youtube taking down my Banner-Gold Slipper Meme-World's Oldest Bartender-My first Michigan game in 2003.

The original Meme I made of this banner was on Facebook on 9/9/2013...
How interesting it's about the Fried Chicken at the Gold Slipper. A place of significance to my mom's cat and my uncle giving me the jersey. 
It's known mostly for the Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken=68, 95
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Slipper=95 (what most people call it)
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
The Gold Slipper=166
Barney Murphy=166
Flintstones and the 166 episodes with characters based on "Honeymooners"=166. 

The Last Supper=54
Today is 54 days after my birthday and no lie my girlfriend wants to go to Denison, to get groceries and some fried chicken. 

The Gold Slipper also is also known to everyone around as it used to have the oldest bartender in the world. He just retired not even 3 years ago. 
He was born 12/9/1911. 
9/12 or 12/9
Ninety Five=129
Ray Nauroth=51, 141

How interesting as he's even connected to Super Bowl numbers. 

He was born in Earling, Iowa. The place I've mentioned in regards to the first famous Exorcism. He moved to Dunlap in 1916 though 12 years before the Exorcism. 
Notice after he left the military he came back and started working at Houston Billiards. 
Really Houston? 
I remember when he got a hole in one golfing when he was 92 years old.  
An article on Ray Nauroth

So I also got this comment earlier asking about the Tim Tebow Steelers game. Anyway it reminded me of Michigan beating Tebow's Florida Team. As I was thinking about it, I realized the first ever Michigan Football game I attended was in 2003 when they beat Houston. 

I grew up liking Michigan and this was the first Michigan game I had ever been to. 
50+3=53=Super Bowl LI
Death of my Best Friends Brother Saturn
Even weirder is that a few weeks ago I randomly thought about my best friends brother dying and looked at the connections. 
He died in a Saturn(car) on 5/11. 
The reason it's so interesting is because when I went to the Michigan vs Houston game we drove that Saturn. We actually left the day before as well, meaning we left on 9/5. 

Not sure what it means but I want to document that the Houston game was on the 249th day of 2003 and his brother died 249 days later. 

So I left this post as I wanted to look at a few more things before I posted it. I never told my girlfriend about what I was typing, just figured I'd see what happens. We went to Denison and got groceries and ate at pizza ranch. On the way there my daughter randomly says, I know who you have a crush on at the Slipper...I said well I hope it's your mom or I'm in trouble. She then says, it's Paula.  I knew she was meaning my friend Pam not Paula. I then said, "Paula do you mean Pam"? She said, yeah Pam is your crush. It's hard to explain but my daughter has said this before about Pam because I told her that in 1st grade me and Pam kissed.  Pam has worked at the Slipper though for over 10 years. 
Anyway Paula is the lady who owns the Slipper.
This stuff is getting ridiculous. 

Someone also posted on my Youtube video how today is 1/3/17 and I was talking a lot about Marino # 13 and Tannehill # 17.. I assure you that was not planned and I didn't even realize it. I actually started making that video around 2am on 1/2/17 but didn't finish it until late last night. 

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