Thursday, January 26, 2017

Patriots last played Falcons 175 weeks ago

The last time the Patriots and Falcons played was 9/29/13..
It was exactly 175 weeks. 
Just wanted to post this as 175 was special with my Uncle.
Also Matt Ryan born on 17/5. 
Notice the total score of 30+23=53
Super Bowl LI=53

Another interesting thing I noticed is the same week the Pats last played the Falcons the 49ers played the Rams. I've been saying there is a big parallel to them teams. 
Interesting too the 49ers and Rams played on Thursday and the Dolphins played on Monday. 
Matt Ryan had 421 passing yards reminding us of the death of Prince and Queen Elizabeth II's bday. 

Notice in this season as well Miami and the Falcons had the same Bye week. 



    1. Interesting, I see that this has been happening in Houston for a while. One of the links said it was a black bird with a red stripe on it too.

  2. Rick i saw that too. You think it means Falcons