Sunday, January 1, 2017

Patriots vs Dolphins week 17...Colts Cowboys-Matt Moore Teen Wolf Lupercalia-Reba McEntire-Blue-Aqua-Alton Sterling-Philando Castile-Nick Saban Alabama/Miami Dolphins

Watching the Dolphins vs Patriots game and towards the end they let us know the last time the Dolphins won a playoff game was against the Colts in 2000. Notice the Colts had 17 points too. The Dolphins won on a 17 yard play. 
Also the whole time they showed this clip the bottom had the Cowboys vs Eagles game on the bottom...
A score of 13 to 17...
Marino # 13  Tannehill # 17. 
Notice in this video the announcers bring up the fact that Matt Moore had a meeting with Dallas and was gonna visit Indianapolis before he came to Miami. 

Something I never pointed out with Matt Moore before either is that he played College at UCLA and Oregon State which are both connected to the Teen Wolf stuff with Nebraska. In the movie Teen Wolf the mascot is the Beavers based off of Oregon State Beavers. Zach Lavine, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Love were all UCLA players. 
Lavine won Slam Dunk Contest as Teen Wolf
Wiggins who was traded for Love won the Rising Stars challenge MVP as a Teen Wolf, the same year Westbrook was MVP of the All Star game in 2015. It all happened on the dates of Lupercalia(Wolf Celebration). 
Teen Wolf has Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the background and not set or filmed in Nebraska. Nebraska played UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl that year.  Also the same day Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk Contest..Valentines Day....the player of the game for UCLA was Kevon LOONEY and there was a big Space Jam connection to all of it as well. 
Seriously too as I was typing this my computer just turned black and shut off. I turned it back on and looked up and there was a commercial on the tv about Wolves. 
It was a commercial about "Blue Wilderness" Dogfood. I talk about Blue later on in this post and the funny thing is that I had already put that in the post before typing this about the Wolf as I re looked up Matt Moore before I was finished typing this and noticed the connection to UCLA and Oregon State.  Also I thought it was because my battery had died on my computer but I still had none other than 13 percent left. 
Youtube Link to the Commercial I'm talking about  

The TV show that was on is "Reba" interesting she was born 51 days after SB 51 will be played.
When I think of Reba too she reminds me of Dolly Parton as they are both famous Girl Country Singers.
I'm also reminded of the movie Little Rascals in which the new Rich Kid's father is Donald Trump. lol wow just weird how this stuff happens. Have to take a look at that movie later...Jimmy Johnson won Nascar this year and Reba is the driver in that movie.  Johnson drives #48...."Donald Trump"=48

I also notice that Tom Brady was 10-12 passing when the Patriots had 17 points. 

Another interesting thing is that I'm wearing that Marino Jersey my uncle gave me today just because I wore it last night. 
My girlfriend asked me why the jersey I have on is a different color than the Ugly Teal color they have on today. 
I said probably because it's from the 80's/90's and it's 2017.

Anyway when she said that, I was reminded of the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stories and the colors being used in the story were the same as the Dolphins Uniform today. 

Alton Sterling pictured here. 

Philando Castile's Girlfriend...

Remember in the Alton Sterling shooting the guy in the background was wearing the Miami Heat hat. This was the same day Dwayne Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls. 
Notice the Microphones are 2 and "Football"=29
Chicago just won the World Series...
Was this backwards and telling us Chicago wins the World Series and Miami wins the Super Bowl? 
I mean with all of the connections to Back to the Future as well. 
The Cubs swept the World Series against Miami.
BTF 3 goes back to 1885 which was 131 years ago. 
They use train 131 to come back to 1985.
Marino took the Dolphins to Superbowl 19 in 1985. 
The Dolphins lost to the Patriots today by 19 points. (35-14).
The 85' Bears though beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XX. 

Remember we also got the Death of Jose Fernandez in the boating accident. 
Miami Marlins=131
Matt Moore
Jose Fernandez=61,70, 142
Miami Dolphins=70, 142
Fernandez died on 9/25(leaves 97 days in the year)
Dolphins=97...the 97th season of NFL. 

The Final game he played in was Miami's 151st game. 
Jesus Christ=151
Dallas Cowboys=151

Also noting that he died after the Marlins played Atlanta and before they played New York. 

Also in regards to how it connects to College. Nick Saban used to coach the Miami Dolphins. He coaches Alabama now and used to coach LSU. 
Remember Nebraska won it's first 2 championships against LSU in 1971 and then Alabama in the 1971 season. 
Mike Riley was on the 71' season team for Alabama. 
They are playing Clemson 27 days before the Superbowl. 
His bday 97 days before SB 51. 

He only coached the Dolphins for 1 season in which they finished 9-7. 

The Steelers beat the Seahawks that year in the Super Bowl. 10-21  interesting it's similar to 10-12....Also the date was 2/5 just like this years Super Bowl. 
Hines Ward also the MVP which reminds me of Batman and Oblivion and the last Super Bowl being in 2017. 
Also it was held in Detroit. 


  1. Remember Brett Farve in "THere's something about mary"=112 like Houston. He says he's in town to play the Dolphins. THat movie came out "eighteen years six months later" =131 to the date of Sb51