Thursday, January 5, 2017

Macy's closes 68 stores cutting 10,000 jobs-Chief Yellowsmoke-Minnesota Mall Stabbing-Washington mall shooting

There's a lot more I need to look into, but if you recall I was mentioning Macy's a lot in regards to the Omaha People and the death of Chief Yellowsmoke a while back. 
We had the Minnesota Mall Stabbing in which the stabber died in Macy's. 
Then we had the Washington Mall shooting in Macy's soon after. 
I talked about Thanksgiving and the Macy's day parade. 

The Omaha Peoples Tribal Headquarters are in Macy, Nebraska. 
Washington Mall-Minnesota Mall Omaha Macy
Here's a link to an old post about it. 

Anyway we are getting this story about Macy's downsizing and closing 68 stores. 
Dunlap is the town I live in and the town who killed Chief Yellowsmoke in 1868. 
Today also comes 33 days after the 148th anniversary of his death on 12/2/1868. 
Macy Nebraska located on 42N 96W
Freemason=42, 96
Remember the Freemason's saved the town as the Omaha People knew masonic symbols and didn't kill the town. 
Death of Chief Yellowsmoke reporting
You can read the news article about his death above. 

The Minnesota Mall Stabbing came 3 months 18 days before today. 

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