Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Clemson beats Alabama 35-31....923 in games seems to be a good number.

I just skimmed through this game when I got home from work. Just want to note a few things. 
Alabama loses with 31 points. 
Alabama=13, 31

Alabama's QB was 13 for 31 passing with 131 yards even. 

The game was won on a Clemson pass to # 13 Hunter Renfrow. 

Also Clemson won with 35 points and they haven't won the national title in 35 years. 
Notice they beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl that year. 
Nebraska is seriously a big piece to a lot of what is going on. 
I'm not gonna re explain it all but I never knew this about Clemson until just now looking it up. 
Clemson=27, 81
Notice how they won in Miami in the 81' season. 
Clemson Tigers=159
Thinking about NFL possible connections...
Patrick Tillman=159
Pat Tillman died 81 days after the Patriots won SB 38. 
Teddy Bridgewater also injured 159 days before SB 51. 

The Logo for the national championship sticks out to me as well. 
217 is a number I've covered a lot in regards to Michael Jordan, Donald Trump and the NBA All Star Week that begins on 2/17/17. 
It's also the day Geronimo(native american) died. I'm gonna have to go back and look at some of that stuff. I think my Lil' Bow Wow video talked about this a lot. 
Two Hundred Seventeen=88, 241
241 the 53rd prime. 
We are in the 241st year of the US. 

I also had a hunch that Clemson was going to win when they had to review a play and then it set the clock back to 9:23 in the 3rd. 
It seems from what I have documented over the years that anytime something comes up with a 923 it's a good thing for that team. 

They showed JT Barret's passing attempts in the Michigan/Ohio State game and he was 9 of 23 and they won. 
Last year 923 was big with the Cavaliers and the year before it was big with the Warriors. 
In Game 1 of the 2015 World Series the TV Power went out and came back on at 9:23pm just before the bottom of the 4th inning when the Royals were at bat. The Royals won the game and the Series. 
There's been other times that I can't think of off the top of my head but 923 seems good if it comes up in a game. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish) is the only person I've ever seen add to 923 as well. 

My best friend was in Vegas over New Years and he asked me about the Lakers game on 12/29. I told him that I think Dallas will win because they were 9-23....Dallas did go on to win, and Phoenix was the only other team with a 9-23 record and they beat Toronto that same day. If Toronto would have won they would've became 23-9 too. 
Interesting too they both had total scores of 190 points. 
Notice the scores above. 
So just some stuff to think about and watch for to see if the pattern continues. 


  1. 923 goes back to the Augurs of Rome and their practices. Tal G had a post on 923 or 239 on his blog. I knew it was Clemson's the second I saw the white jerseys. Been since 03 that an Orange team wore Orange and won(Syracuse Bball) and 98/99 for football(Tenn)

  2. Alabama had winning streak of 13 games against Clemson. From the first game between these two teams, to last night's game was 41,001 days. Zach has noticed that 14 can signal the end for streaks. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/play-index/rivals.cgi?request=1&school_id=alabama&opp_id=clemson

  3. Dan 923 is the date for The Beginning of Sorrows Prophecy

  4. coincidently was researching the KC Chiefs and Marty Schottenheimer, whos birthday is 9/23 and is 239 in Simple Gematria ...a notorious Choker in playoffs, winner in regular season...Trying to find more connections to a Chiefs/Pacers SB