Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Boeing Unveils Blue Spacesuits, Melania Trump's Blue outfit...

CNN tells us today that astronauts now have a new BLUE spacesuit. Interesting this comes when I keep talking about a Moon/Space theme. I've also mentioned how there is something special to the color Blue...Alton Sterling/Philando Castile both Blue, the Amish guy with the girls in the Blue Dresses the blue door house....The Miami Dolphins Aqua, The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting was all about Blue...Blue Lives Matter....

I forgot to show this other day as well. Melania wearing the Blue outfit..Interesting it was also RALPH Lauren...I have also talked about a RALPH theme since the death of the Big Lebowski. 

I've really been trying to figure out the Blue Theme for a while. I think about a year ago I made a video in regards to Shiva and Kali being blue, Neptune the Blue Planet and more. In the Looney Tunes: Back in Action  film the point is to find the Blue Monkey diamond. It turns people into Monkeys. The reason it was a special movie was it was supposed to be "Space Jam 2" but Michael Jordan wouldn't do it. There was a big Space Jam theme in 2015.

Blue=13, 40
I've been seeing 40 a whole lot lately but never documented it because I wasn't sure of the meaning lol. 
Atlanta Falcons=40

I wonder about a "Blue Moon" as well. 

This isn't about Blue but I just realized the last closest super moon in 1948 was on 1/26....Just reminds me of Eugene Cernan who died 1 month 26 days before his bday...Squadron 126 in the Military. 
Apollo 17 launched on 12/6 1972 according the Gene Cernan CNN article. 


  1. I love ma a Blue Moon or 3 or 4. I also love your words and work. Thanks!

    On another 'blue' note, my wife and I are addicted to "Breaking Bad', the 'blue' is pretty important theme.

  2. In music and pop culture, Blue is a refernce to the Devil 9/10. Devil in a Blue Dress, Rhapsody in Blue, Jackie Blue is a particular good one. Hell is already a cold cold place.