Saturday, January 7, 2017

Any Given Sunday-Reno 911 Miami-The Bodyguard all set in Miami

I was looking through movies that are set in Miami. I haven't seen Any Given Sunday in years but it involves the Miami Sharks. 
Also has Cameron Diaz who is Mary in Something About Mary that a good portion is set in Miami. 

Interesting how the Starting QB's get hurt after the 13th game of the season. Reminds me of Tannehill getting hurt on the 13th game. 
The starting QB does make it back for the playoffs and they win the game, although it doesn't say if they win the championship or not. 
Funny though as it's the same QB script we have going this year in the NFL. 

They put in Beaman who wears # 13 even. 

He goes in against Minnesota who has 17 points even. 
Miami Florida=110

Dennis Quaid the starting QB in the film is from Houston. 
He also portrays Sam Houston on the 2004 Film the Alamo that came out on his 50th bday. 4/9/2004. 

They even made the Reno 911 Miami movie. 
Trump rushed off stage in Reno, 9/11 Plane Crash Hillary Clinton Collapse
I talked about Reno 911 and Reno in general previously. 
I also want to note that episode 65 of Reno 911 is called "The Wall". About building a wall between Mexico and U.S. 
Miami Florida=65
The same day we got the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting we also got a story about Congress paying for Trump's Wall and not Mexico. 
I mean seriously how does it make any sense for Reno 911 to go to Miami? It would make more sense if they made other movies such as Reno 911 New York and other cities but they only did Miami. 
Also Janet RENO died in Miami. 
Kaepernick played college at Reno, Nevada and remember he said Pro Castro comments when the 49ers played Miami reminding us of Super bowl 19 when the Dolphins lost to the 49ers. 

It also says that the film "The Bodyguard" is set in Miami. 
I'm gonna have to rewatch some of these films as I've mentioned the big connection to Kevin Costner to the area I live and the native american theme. Plus Whitney Houston synced up with the Super Bowl this year.
Costner portrays Frank Farmer...who knows reminds me a lot of Frances Farmer....The Nirvana song...Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle. 


  1. Im scrollin through Any Given Sunday now and its about the big game Miami Vs Dallas, Miami is the team coached by Pacino, barry Switzer plays a nfl analyst among many other former players/coaches....@ the 2.13 mark, number 33 scores a TD and celebrates and pretends to shoot his players who are standing around him and real gunshot noises are made and they all go down. hard to figure if its 5 or 6 that go down....Theirs also an Illuminate eye blatently shown in the locker room and multiple times in the movie, especially when a player literally loses his eye and his eye ball is shown on the field, and flashes of the illuminate eye are shown just to add extra spice.