Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1985 Bears only loss to the Miami Dolphins

I was thinking about the 85' Bears and how Miami was the Team that beat them. 
The 72' Dolphins the only undefeated team ever and then Miami stops the Bears from being undefeated. 
Notice it was the 13th game of the season, and Dan Marino was on that team. 
Interesting the Bears played the Falcons before that and the Colts after that. 

Last year the Panthers were compared to the 85' Bears and they lost to the Falcons. After beating the Giants. The Panthers had 13 points. 

The year the Dolphins stopped the 85' Bears streak the Dolphins lost their first game to Houston and got their first win against the Colts on Dan Marino's 24th birthday. 
Colts had 13 points.  

The 72 Dolphins were 17-0 and also 32-2 over two years. 
322 huh? 


  1. First choice Patriots VS Falcons Second Choice Chiefs VS Falcons Its gonna happen, everyone is counting out ATL. I think this year they are having everyone think that controversy related teams will make it. This year its Atlanta walking in quietly, with all the attention on Patriots. The Patriots will then lose due to some kind of controversial play. Pats VS Falcons SB51 book it.

  2. Not gonna be chiefs and falcons. Most likely one big name team like pats Packers Cowboys giants vs chiefs or falcons. I like chiefs Cowboys...no way two small market teams get in

  3. http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2016/12/former_auburn_dallas_cowboys_s_1.html

  4. Maybe another tribute to the Cowboys.