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Falcons vs Patriots Super Bowl 51-Atlanta Falcons Simpsons/Family Guy-More on the Death of Uncle Barney-MATT Moore-RYAN Tannehill, Matt Ryan

So the Falcons beat the Packers and the Patriots beat the Steelers. 
The Simpsons/Family Guy connections were spot on lol and I didn't look enough into the Falcons when I should have. Reminds me of my Donald Trump Simpsons video that I pretty much showed it was for Donald Trump and then said, "I still think Hillary will win". Just funny to me. 
I should've put more time into the Falcons but I just didn't think it would really happen. There's for sure still a theme involved with the First and Last which is why I think there was so much hype on the Packers. This is how it's always worked in the time I've been doing this. The Packers were just for a different theme that is at some point interrelated to another. If that makes sense to anyone.

Anyway I noticed Falcons coach Dan Quinn coached with the Miami Dolphins the same time Alabama's Nick Saban was the head coach. He began and left the same time Saban was there. 
2005 was a special year to the World Series this year I've mentioned too. He was born on 9/11 which is fitting for the Patriots/9/11 symbolism that has been shown. 

His name being "DAN" as well is fitting to what I said in my 3 hour video too. 
Dan Quinn=40, 94
Atlanta Falcons=40, 139
Miami Dolphins=70
Quinn born in 70'. 

2005 was the Dolphins 40th season.

I think what I was going to mention with the death of Yordano Ventura too was him dying age 25. 
Atlanta Georgia=59, 131
Back to the Future=59  Marty goes back 131 years ago. 
Superbowl=131=Prince Charles and so on. 

The Dolphins QB's were RYAN Tannehill and MATT Moore. How did I not put this together or think about that before? haha wow. 
Matt Ryan and the Marino episode showing us the Falcons winning the Super bowl. 
I even talked about my cousin RYAN Murphy who lives right by where the Dolphins play the night before the Ft. Lauderdale shooting happened. Should've put together the Ryan connection with that as well. Also the reason I mentioned my cousin Ryan was because I went to the bar with his brother Timmy on Halloween. I was Jesus he was Fred Flintstone. 
Ryan Timothy Tannehill III.....
Tannehill=95=Dan Behrendt=Daniel Edward Behrendt
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Funnier yet if you watch my long video in regards to the Dolphins I talk about my Nick Van Exel Jersey but I don't know where it is...The night before my Uncle's Funeral I went to my cousin Timmy's house and he was wearing my Nick Van Exel jersey. I walked in and said, "Nice Jersey" lol as I knew it was mine and somehow he had it. He said he also has my old # 8 Kobe Bryant Jersey. 

The Dolphins other QB was TJ Yates. He only played for the Falcons, Dolphins and Houston where the Super bowl is played. 
It says he played HS football in Atlanta as well returning in 2005. 
Yates=16, 25, 70

I was going to mention that the Boomerang Channel was headquartered in Atlanta too but forgot to write it on my other post. 

In regards to my Uncle/Uncles I thought it was suspicious when we got the death of Eddie Long in Atlanta the other day.
I didn't post about it as he died the day after my uncle Barney but Long's Bday was 5/12 which was the day my previous Uncle before Barney died. Uncle Mike died on 5/12. 
Long's first wife was Dabara S. Houston. 
Long also died age 63 like my Uncle Barney. Long died the same day I made the post about the Boomerang Channel weird coincidence.  
What's messed up even more is the fact that my grandma Ellie is probably going to be the next to die. She has been really going downhill for years but lately(last year) it has really been worse. 
Ellie Murphy=63
If you go way back when I started talking about the Native American theme I mentioned my grandma. I talked about my friends calling me Chief Whooping Crane Behrenbi because I told them my Grandma was 1/4 Native American. Since I'm one of the whitest guys ever they thought it was hilarious.
Native American=63

63 days after Barney's death is of course 3/18 too. 
Who knows just thought I would post about it now the Falcons actually made the Super Bowl. 

Matt Ryan also born on 17/5..
Remember my Uncle died 175 days after his bday and the next day the 114th episode of the Flintstones being on Boom Channel 175. 
I did mention Dan Marino's middle name is Constantine and on the TV show Constantine is played by actor Matt Ryan. 

I just noticed too that the Falcons played the Dolphins in Week 3 of the Preseason. This was the same week the Packers played the 49ers when Kaepernick didn't stand during the national anthem. 

I also mentioned the Philando Castile story in Falcon, Heights Minnesota and how all of the street names in that story were stuff that connected to my life. Such as Iowa Avenue which is the street I grew up on.   It also happened on 7/6 and currently the Patriots and Falcons all time record is 7-6. 
I never noticed the cops name in the story was JERONIMO. Which goes with what I was talking about in regards to the Packers and Geronimo Allison. There is for sure something in connection to Geronimo that I still don't see though. 
Falcon Heights also in connection to the assassination of William McKinley the 25th president. 
McKinley assassinated in Buffalo. The Buffalo Braves used to be the Clippers(Donald Sterling). The Atlanta Braves used to be the Boston Red Stockings. 
A BRAVE New World....Sorry I don't know how I didn't think of this before either lol it just came to me....Think about the Family Guy episode I mentioned with Peter being the Space Cowboy...Steve Miller band "Some people call me the Space Cowboy"...

The line is because he has a song on his album "Brave New World" called Space Cowboy. 
Notice this album released on 16/6. 
Barney Murphy=166 and so on. 
Some people call me "Gangster of Love"=166
Maurice=34, 70

Aldous Huxley also wrote the book "A Brave New World". 
I made a video a long time ago about how Huxley, CS Lewis, and JFK all died on the same day 11/22/63. I'm lacking as I've never read "A Brave New World" but the description seems to be a lot like 1984 style.  I'm pretty sure my video talked about George Bush Sr.'s speech on the New World Order and Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation praised by Bush. 
Think about all of the Trump assassination foreshadowing as well. 

Christopher Columbus supposedly discovered the New World on 10/12.....1492....Think about this in regards to my uncle being a 4th degree Knight of Columbus....

I'm also reminded of the the Pilgrims becoming the first English Separatists to leave England to the New World. They arrived in New England. I mean think about that in regards how the United States is really just still part of England. New World/New England... Remember the Cowboys played the Redskins on Thanksgiving.....TurKEY. 

It's no coincidence either that the film "Ted" was playing on NBC the same time the Patriots game was on. Remember how Seth Macfarlane and Mark Wahlberg were both supposed to be on Flight 11 on 9/11/01 but both just somehow missed their flights...haha yeah right. 

Jimmy Carter the only president from Georgia...the 39th president. 
Carter also the last president to go to Cuba before Obama, although he was not acting president at the time. 

In the game today the announcers said that if the Patriots beat the Steelers then they will be playing their 51st ever post season game in Super Bowl 51. 

It made me look up the all time playoff record of the Falcons. Look at that since they won today they are currently 9-12 in playoffs all time. So if they win the SB they will be 10-12.....The Dan Marino Simpsons episode was Season 10 Episode 12 when the Falcons win the Super Bowl. 

The Dolphins also exist in a roundabout way because of the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons were going to join the  AFL but the NFL worked out a deal, so the Miami Dolphins were created in the AFL instead. 

I also need to re examine my Mitch Hedberg Copyright claim as a big thing in that was about over examining life. I think we need over examine things for sure, but interesting the answer to what I was looking into was simple and right in my face. If we don't over examine then how can we see the simplicity of it though? Just something to keep in mind for others and myself. I did the same thing with the 2016 NBA Finals and the Cubs/Indians. But like I've been saying I want to figure out the real true pattern and that takes a lot of over examining in my opinion. Also in a weird way all of the things I've examined seem to come back a certain point and actually help to understand it more. 

 So my Uncle gets in a car wreck after calling his wife saying he was in Early, Iowa. Notice the next town is Odebolt, Iowa. It's even hwy 175 that he would've took to get there. He dies 175 days after his bday...Matt Ryan born on 17/5. He dies between Early and Odebolt...

The only reason I re looked up the wreck was because I remembered that Odebolt-Arthur joined Battle Creek-Ida Grove as a school and they are called the FALCONS. All of the towns that are part of the school district are connected because of HWY 175 as well. Unbelievable stuff. 
The same day that my Uncle wrecked. OA-BCIG even played Ridge View in Basketball losing 39-50. Ridge View school includes Early, Iowa. 
What's really messed up is a lot of family were talking about how strange my uncles car accident really was. Yet I guarantee I am the only person still thinking about how it doesn't make that much sense. 
When at my Cousin Timmy's house the night before my uncles funeral, his girlfriend was also talking about how she thinks smart phones can hear what they are talking about. She said one time they were talking about "SMART water" being the best brand, then got on facebook and the first thing that popped up was an ad for Smart water. They had other examples of this stuff and I told them the book 1984 was no joke. Although not one person there has ever read the book so they didn't really get what I was talking about and I didn't want to push the boundaries and start problems. 

If you follow Hwy 175 West it takes you to Onawa, Iowa which is where Casino Omaha is. Yet again reminding me of Chief Yellowsmoke of the Omaha People.  Notice though that once in Nebraska 175 stops and pretty much turns into Hwy 51. 

In regards to all of the Jesus symbolism as well, I am reminded of Horus who was depicted with the head of a Falcon. A lot of people think Jesus=Horus and so on at least since Zeitgeist. 
There's a lot more to think about in regards to New World/New Kingdom of Egypt and what not...Horus is sometimes fused with RA who also had the Falcon head. I need to do more research into this type of stuff as I'm sure it's more telling of the story/theme being used. 

I looked up Atlanta Falcons and the Simpsons. They have only been mentioned on 2 episodes. The one with Dan Marino and also Season 3 episode 14...or episode 49.... The Dan Marino Episode was number 215....Which means the only 2 episodes the Simpsons mention the Atlanta Falcons are 166 episodes apart....
Barney Murphy=166
You cannot make this up, I mean seriously. 
Anyway the episode is all about betting on Sports. Homer never wins but Lisa is trying to bond with Homer and he asks her who she thinks will win and bets on it. The first winner she picks is the Miami Dolphins. Later on they say the Lowly Falcons beat HOUSTON 17-13 who would've thought. Remember the connections of 13-17....Tannehill wearing # 17 getting hurt after 13 games..Marino wearing # 13 and so on...the Falcons beat Houston of all teams? 
In the episode Miami beats the Bengals..which interesting how I said the Bengals were connected this year to Miami and just before that the Patriots beat the Broncos on this episode. The Broncos of course were the team who beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 33.(Dan Marino episode of Simpsons aired same day). 
Lisa also picks the winners because she is smart and researches the team history and what not in order to figure out who wins...I mean a lot like what we've been doing to figure out how sports are truly scripted.
Remember too how Family Guy aired it's first episode the same day as Super Bowl 33 and the same day the Dan Marino Simpsons episode aired. 
Look how Family Guy starts out....a Brady Bunch Joke. 
Florence Henderson(Carol Brady) dies on Thanksgiving(New World/New England)...

Notice the 166th episode of Family guy says that the Simpsons episode "The FALCON and the Dohman" was on after it. The Family Guy episode was also the one in which they showed Bruce Jenner wanting to be a woman. 

I have to get some sleep, but this is the exact reason why there is always more to learn, always more to uncover that sometimes just doesn't come until after the fact. Anyway peace. 


  1. The Movie Oblivion Tom Cruise tells us The Year of the LAST SuperBowl 2017! Well in watching it again today guess what I saw? The small space craft that hovers around CRUISE while he is on the earth looking at the destruction of Chicago stadium, is numbered 166!! So 166 is obviously telling us something BIG I think....

  2. Also Joseph Stalin was born in Georgia (Russian Empire), like Atlanta Georgia.

  3. Falcons have been destined to win for a long time. See the Beatles Blackbird. Blackbird=88. Song was recorded 6-11-68(17771 days before 2/5/17), and released 33 weeks after King was "shot" on 11/22(33, and the 5 year anniversary of JFK)/68. 33=ATL.

    I have a shit ton more on my G+ plus, including the picture of the Beatles Blackbird Poster where the Beatles are jumping and their silhouettes spell A T L, while the 4th Beatle is posing like the Heisman. Go check it out.

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