Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Charles Manson Hospitalized-Mariah Carey-Janet Jackson-Paul McCartney

This is great. 
We got the story about Mariah Carey on New Years Eve. 
Then we get the story of Janet Jackson which connected to the National Anthem and Mariah Carey sang the national anthem in Super Bowl 36. 
The Patriots won Super Bowl 36
They then won Super Bowls 38 and 39.

So Mariah Carey in SB 36
Janet Jackson in SB 38
Now we get this story of Charles Manson. 

Paul McCartney played the Halftime show in SB 39. 

Paul McCartney wrote the song Helter Skelter. 
Paul Mccartney=53,152
Super Bowl LI=53, 152

Charles Manson famous for his Helter Skelter scenario. 
The scenario fits a lot with the all of the race war stuff in the media constantly too. 

He didn't use the term Helter Skelter until New Years Eve in 1968. 
Mariah Carey(New years eve)

Charles Manson=52, 142

I need to look more into him, but I'm going to bed. I know I talked about Roman Polanski a long time ago and the Manson family murdered his wife Sharon Tate. 


  1. Charles Manson=52, 142
    world war three = 1020, 170

    Tom Brady #12, 17th season
    world war = 42
    Brady 4-2 Super Bowl stat, probably going 5-2

    world war = 1275, Brady #12 won in 2015 (5) and 2017 (7)

    drive it like you stole it = 105, 2445, 1710

  2. Last Superbowl = 48, 1618, 1098 Minnesota 2018 98th NFL season

    humanity will fall = 198
    war = 981, 252

    From end of WWII to SB52/48 it is 72 years and some months. Pittsburgh going 7-2 ?

  3. Hey Dan, if you look at the last match-up between the Dolphins and Packers, it was played on 10/12/14, a date that looks like 112 (Houston = 112) and the score summed to 51 (27-24). It was also a date numerology of 36 (SB 51 will be played on the 36th day of the year).

    Also, if you look at the total points the Dolphins have scored against the Packers in history, its 333. I remember you said something about the 333 dead dolphins story or something like that.

    If you look at their all time record, the Dolphins lead the Packers 4-10. If they were to meet in the SB, with the Packers winning, that record would be 5-10...a lot like 51.

    Aaron Rodgers said they were going to "Run the Table" and ESPN keeps bringing that up. "Run the Table" = 45, Miami = 45, and NRG Stadium = 45.

    Adam Gase birthday is a span of 53 days after the Superbowl. (Superbowl LI = 53). He will turn 39 years old. (NRG = 39) and L=3 I=9 (39). He was also born on the 88th day of the year. Trump tribute?

    Mike McCarthy (Packers Head Coach) turned 53 (Superbowl LI = 53) on November 10th last year, a date that leaves 51 days in the year. From his birthday to Superbowl 51 is 87 days (Superbowl Fifty-One = 87).

    Dolphins Packers Superbowl = 112
    Houston = 112
    Rodgers vs Tannehill = 87
    Superbowl Fifty-One = 87

    One more thing I found interesting is the last time Brett Farve played Dan Marino. It was in the year 97 (97th NFL season) and the score was 23-18 (41, Superbowl = 41). The date was 9/14/97 and it has a numerology of 139 (9+14+19+97=139). Adam Gase = 139 in Jewish. Also, from the date of that game to Superbowl 51 is a total of 1012 weeks, or 112.