Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Possible NBA connections to the Super Bowl-yet again my Uncle-Kyle Korver-Dwight Howard-Destiny's Child-TLC

I was thinking about the NBA having a Parallel to the Super Bowl. I was thinking how Dwight Howard plays for the Atlanta Hawks now and he came from Houston. 
Anyway possibly nothing but the day my Uncle got in the car wreck the Hawks played Boston...of all teams they played Boston that day. 
January 13th is 1/13 or 13/1. 
Atlanta Hawks=32,41,131
Superbowl=41, 131
The total score of the game was 103+101=204
Barney born on the 204th day of the year. 

Dwight Howard is nicknamed Superman too. 

On Christmas my Uncle Barney gave all of the Family members this shirt. 
It's a Superman Logo that says Murphy Did it.. On the Back it says SU2C...I'm assuming for Stand up to Cancer...
Possibly nothing but I've been thinking about this for a few days and figured I'd post it in case it comes back up along with other stuff. 
I guess this was the name or logo...or I'm not exactly sure but it's something to do with my Grandpa Gene's old baseball(slow pitch?) team. 
Murphy Did It=66, 147
Superman=35, 44, 107
Earthquake=44, 107
One Hundred Thirty One=107

I find it interesting in regards to Barney going to the Cubs game on 8/8/2005 and just being a Cubs fan in general.
He got married on 8/8/1980 which means his 8th wedding anniversary was on 8/8/88...I mean wow. 
Murphy Did It=66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147
The Curse of the Billy Goat was because of a Goat named "Murphy". 
Even funnier to me is that growing up I was always an Atlanta Braves fan. I quit watching Baseball a good amount after the strike but was never a fan of any other Baseball team. 

The Hawks also traded away Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers. 
Korver the 51st pick in the 2003 draft. 

The reason Korver sticks out so much to me is that my Uncle died at Creighton Medical Center where Kyle Korver went to College. 
Creighton Medical Center=112
Notice too the day my Uncle died Creighton beat Truman State. 
Truman State=34, 44, 152
Super Bowl Li=152
Look at Creighton's schedule as of right now too. It says they play # 24 Xavier with the X logo on 2/4...
It will also be Creighton's 24th game of the season lol. 

Korver traded on 1/7/17. His first game with the Cavs he played 17 minutes. 
The NBA Finals begin on 6/1 which is the 152nd day, so there is a parallel to the Super bowl. 

Korver traded 168 days after my Uncles Bday. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

I'm gonna watch Space Cowboys and go to bed, but off topic there has to be more of a connection to the R &B Group "112" and TLC or Lisa Lopes that I'm not seeing. There's a lot of rap out of Atlanta too like Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri.... I noticed Ludacris was born on 9/11 and Dupri born on 9/23. It's been forever since I listened to a lot of it though, but I guarantee there's some clues. 
TLC the "Atlanta" group...T=2 L=3 C=3...233 is the 51st prime.
Destiny's Child the "Houston" group...


  1. Al Horford also left the Hawks this season to become a Celtic. He had his return to Atlanta match on 1/13, where the Celtics won 103-101. They don't play again until PI Day, 2/27/17.

    1. The Hawks and the Cavs also habe great dates for their games. They play 11/8. That could be an 88 for the Rise Up or an 118 which Z has shown is following Brady around.

      They next play on 3/3 and then 4/7.

    2. Lol. I guess I misses your Horford stuff at the top. I am, afterall, an ass.

    3. No you are all good, I didn't talk about Horford. That's great stuff I didn't think of. Horford born on 6/3 too which has been fitting. He was born in the Dominican Republic which reminds me of Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte as well. Horford's father Tito also played in the NBA. Played HS in Houston and went to Miami for College. I remember Horford's brother at Michigan too and then transferred to Florida...who knows but there's something special between them and how it connects to Tim Tebow.