Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Falcon-Captain America and Uncle Sam

I was just researching Falcon and I found out the first mainstream African American comic book character is named Falcon. His other name is Sam Wilson. 

His name being Sam Wilson is interesting in regards to the concept of the Super Bowl with the Patriots vs the Falcons. 
Uncle Sam's supposed real name is also Sam Wilson. 
Falcon is also friends with Captain America as I'm reading as well. 

I honestly don't know that much about Comics but figured I'd post this in case it comes back up at some point. 
Uncle Sam=25, 88
Trump=25, 88
Samuel Wilson=46, 163
Make America Great Again=91, 163


  1. Falcons are also Female
    Tercels are Male
    Which fits the whole Atlantis 96, Atlanta 69 thing.
    Atlanta is the rising female patriarch
    Atlantis was the sunken male
    Hence Terence Mathis(#88) for the 96 Falcons.

  2. And if you want more ATL connects with Pop Culture, check out Futurama Season 2 Episode 12, The Deep South. Fry and the Crew visit the Lost City of Atlanta. Long story short, it ends with Fry being pulled out of the Ocean by a Fish Hook and Rising Up. It aired 877 weeks before the SB. The Fish is key because of the 153 connected to Jesus's Miraculous Catch and 2017 is 153 years after Sherman's March and the Raze of Atlanta.

  3. Awesome stuff. I just looked up Falcons on Wiki it says there are about 40 species. "Atlanta Falcons"=40 I know that episode of Futurama as I just watched part of it yesterday. My girlfriend literally watches Futurama every night when she goes to bed and that was the episode she was watching. I only watched it until Fry sees the Mermaid so I missed the whole Atlanta part lol otherwise I would've probably blogged about it. The singer "Falco" died age 40 in the Dominican Republic.