Thursday, January 5, 2017

New York Giants Receivers celebrate in Miami-Will Smith song Miami 318-Janet Reno 318 Miami

The New York Giants receivers celebrated their win by going to Miami on New Years eve. 
Interesting front and center on this picture is 13. 
New York Giants Receivers=114
I just posted about the Hoboken Trainwreck and it's involvement to the World Series with Ties. Think about the Ties in the NFL this year and also the day of the Hoboken Trainwreck the Cubs tied for the first time since 2005. It's how I was almost positive the Cubs vs Indians World Series was happening. 
This story to me is either showing us the Dolphins or like I've said Miami is just the connector to all the other stories. 
The Giants beat the Redskins which is interesting as they were 1 of the teams that tied this year, and also 1 of the teams that tied in 1997 the last time there were 2 ties in the NFL. In 1997 the Redskins tied the Giants even.  It was when the Florida Marlins won the World Series in game 7 over the Indians...reminding us of this year. 
The Redskins beat Miami in SB 17 and the 72' Dolphins beat the Redskins in the SB. 

I was thinking about partying in Miami and for some reason I thought of the Will Smith song "Miami". 
Notice it's 3:18 long. We got the death of the New Orleans Saints player named Will Smith on 4/9/16. 
The Dolphins are playing the Saints in London Next year. 
Think about all of the Fresh Prince stuff I have mentioned...The Super Bowl being played on Queen Elizabeth's 65th anniversary being the Queen in London on 2/6. 
In regards to the Saints, I'm also reminded of the movie "Focus" with Will Smith who programs the guy at the Saints Game. 
Big Willie Style=70
Miami Dolphins=70
Seattle Seahawks=70

The first ever London game played was the Giants vs Miami. 

This song also made it to # 17 on the Billboards. 

Notice Will Smith born exactly 7 years after Dan Marino too. 

As I'm looking through my notes I see that Bridgewater got injured 159 days before SB 51. 
Reminding us September 15th. 
Janet Reno Death 159 318
I also noticed the Janet Reno Death had connections to 159. 
Janet Wood Reno=159
Dies age 78 was the 78th attorney general. 
Seventy Eight=159
She dies 3 months 18 days after her bday or 110 days. 
She died in "Miami Florida"=110

Patrick Tillman=159  His death was connected to the PATS winning SB 38 and 39 and think about him and 9/11 when the Patriots won. Tillman's final NFL game game was 118 days after 9/11. 
Pat Tillman=118


  1. Billy Joel has a song called Miami 2017. Very interesting pertaining to 9/11 and upcoming events. You should check it out.

    1. Will do, pretty fitting with the death of George Michael too. Thanks.