Thursday, January 5, 2017

Today is 166 days after my Uncles bday-Rick Moranis-Fred Flintstone-Little Giants

Ha seriously I just typed in my Uncle Barney's bday to today as I just finally randomly asked my mom what his birthday and full name was. 
Of course it would be 166 days after his bday. 
Barney Murphy=166
The Gold Slipper=166(where he gave me the Dolphins jersey)
My mom is even working at the Gold Slipper right now as she text me back. 
He's married to Betty...Barney and Betty Flintstones. 
Flintstones had 166 episodes based of the characters from The Honeymooners. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Dan Behrendt=95

John Stephen Goodman=203(Fred Flintstone)
Bernard Allan Murphy=203
1/5 or 5/1...
Even more strange is the fact that Barney used to take me to the High School Football games as a kid. He was the only uncle to do so, and he used to Hot Box the crap out of me with his Cigars too lol. 
He's 29 years older than me. 

I just was thinking though that Rick Moranis is actually who plays Barney Rubble in the Flintstones. 

In regards to Football he reminds me of Little Giants. 
Man so many movies to rewatch...Notice the 88 on the cover of this movie too. 
The 1994 Giants were coached by Dan Reeves, who coached the Falcons on the episode of the Simpsons with Dan Marino. 


  1. Just messing around, but the wiki pic of Rick(Couldn't resist the rhyme) is from the 63rd Academy Awards on 2/13/91. Date comes up with God(26) and Prophecy(106) Numerology and is also a fun-filled 227,736 Hours from the Superbowl. The SB is 51 weeks after the 25th anniversary of those awards, and 8 days before the 26th.

    I always like to find the date of the pictures they use on wiki, there has to be reason behind the particulars.

    1. Conflicting sources on Little Giants movie length. 106 on wiki(Prophecy) 107 on IMDB(17) Wiki says it came out 10/21(121=Revelation)
      3 years, 8 months, 8 days between the Rick Wik Pic and 10/21/94. Ed O'Neal coaches the Cowboys in the film. And, just for prosperity's sake, you should look up Icebox now. She, uh...grew up.

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    Another 318(pages) about a terrorist attack on the NFL championship in New Orleans between the Redskins and the Miami Dolphins.

    1. Movie came out 4/1/77 and is 2 hours 23 minutes long. It also came out 41 years 10 months and 4 days before 2/5/17. That 4114 is intersting because 41+14=55 and in 55 days after the SB will be thr 42 anniversay of that flick.