Friday, January 20, 2017

Death of Miguel Ferrer-NCIS actor-George Clooney-Space/Moon Theme

NCIS actor Miguel Ferrer dies today on 1/19. 

He died on the 19th day which was 19 days before his bday. 

There has to be a big connection to George Clooney with tthis guy as they are cousins. 
Miguel Ferrer=74, 137
George Clooney=74, 146

They are related though Ferrer's mother who died age 74. 

Ferrer dies age 61 of throat cancer. 
Clooney born in 61' on the 126th day. 
Throat Cancer=126
I'm wondering if there is a connection to the Space theme I've mentioned. 
Eugene Cernan in squadron 126 dies 1 month 26 days before his bday. 
The Simpsons killed off Prince/Neil Armstrong and George Clooney all on the same episode that came out on 11/2. It was even Treehouse of Horror XIX(19).  If you go back and look at my posts about May 13th it was a lot to do with George Clooney and the movie "Money Monster"  that came out on 5/13. 
George Timothy Clooney=112
Eugene Cernan=112
George Clooney seems to have a connection to Julius Caesar as well in regards to his films. He's in the "Ides of March" also in the movie "Hail Caesar". It's interesting in regards to Trump being the 44th person to be president...Caesar died in 44BC. 
Hail Caesar was set in 1951 and came out on 2/5 last year...So interesting in regards to the Super Bowl...

Ferrer died after the 181st episode of NCIS Los Angeles. 
181 is the 42nd prime. 
It came out on 1/15..
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
It's also season 8 episode 13...yet again the 318/813/138 combo. 


  1. I know him best from the early 90s TV version of Stephen King's "The Stand" Only reason I bring that up, King's two biggest sellers are becoming film series this Summer, "IT" and "The Dark Tower" He diea exactly 120 days after Kings birthday, 17 weeks and 1 day, 2880 Hours.

    King has been one of the biggest anti-Trumpet blowers on social media platforms, and I do think the days are numbered for this particular 69 year old.

    1. Also, he had a small role in Twin Peaks, and I think even shared screen timw with Bowie in the movie.

    2. And TODAY is David Lynch"s 71st.

    3. He played Albert Rosenfield(217Bacon) in Twin Peaks.