Monday, January 9, 2017

Esteban Santiago wearing a Blue Shirt-along with almost everyone else in the Ft. Lauderdale Hoax

Haha.. this is what I mean. I was incorrect in thinking the Dolphins but all of the details leading me up to thinking it was for them keep coming up.
We get this CNN story today of supposed Live footage from TMZ of the Fort Lauderdale shooter. 
Look at that shirt....
It's the Blue/Aqua stuff I was talking about. 

Notice in the video how they emphasize he was wearing a Blue shirt too. 
Blue=13, 40
Also just look at the people in the background. If I heard gunshots that close, I would be out of there. No way I would run and hide behind a cart. That video looks like everyone was running to their assigned place for the video shot. 

If you go and watch a bunch of the other footage and pictures that were shown Blue was a big theme. We had Cops and Blue Jeans wearing Military looking gear. 

Of course the main dead guy in the footage wearing a Blue Shirt, also in the Back left is what appears to be another dead person wearing a Blue shirt. 
The lady who walks up to the camera in this video is wearing jeans and a jean jacket. 

Blue Jeans Cop in Blue Shirt getting ready for what looks like an Alien Invasion. 

Another cop wearing Jeans. Even the Dark Blue suit case across the street. 

These guys wearing Jeans too, and the Big Blue sign in the background. 

This is the Council Bluffs lady, she's even wearing shirt with Blue on it. 

Can't forget the smiling guy behind the car wearing a Blue shirt. Love the other blue shirt guy just laying down like no big deal. John Cena way at the top must've got Cm Punk'd into wearing a Red shirt. 

Not sure if he's in any of the video footage, but the Council Bluffs guy who died was also wearing a Blue shirt. 

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