Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Mitch Hedberg video from 12/15/14 copyright claimed today 1/8/2017. 224 153

Just got off work and checked my email and noticed I had a copyright claim on an old video yet again. 
I mean I put this video out on December 15th 2014 and it's just now getting a copyright claim. It doesn't have to be taken down they are just putting ads on it, but still what took so long? 

They waited 2 years 24 days. 

Notice Mitch Hedberg born on 2/24 and the video is mostly about him. 
Mitch Hedberg=66, 102
January Eighth=66
Mitchell Lee Hedberg=90, 153
I've been seeing 153 a decent amount lately but haven't figured it out. 
I haven't watched the Dolphins vs Steelers game either today gonna do that after this post  but...
Ryan Tannehill=153
Jarvis Landry=153
Sixty Three=153 (Remember my Uncle is 63)
David Wayne Spade=153(just in the news for a bad car wreck)

I'm gonna look more at it later as I mention Demetri Martin as well in the video. Martin has a whole comedy skit in regards to number patterns. 
If I-Demetri Martin Playlist
Here's the comedy skit he does with numbers. Just watch the first 5 minutes even. He talks about over examining life and how life is based on perspective. Funny though that I find this after I do over examine something weird that happens to me...Seems like over examining is something that should be done...He goes through a whole thing about the word IF and how it connects to I at the end. Seems similar to what I have been saying, all of these connections are interrelated and sometimes you don't put it together until a later time and see what the meaning of the puzzle was. 

Notice Wiki lets us know Martin wrote a 224 word poem. He also shows this poem in his act "If I" that I talked about in the video. It's a story written in palindromes. 

So I figured I was supposed to see the 2/24...
In a non leap year notice 2/24 to the day they copyright claimed it is 318 days. 

Interesting on Wikipedia they even mention how he sat in on Howard Stern on 10/12...A day and number I've been mentioning with 318. 

In my video I talk about one of his jokes saying his favorite number is 4 Billion, then says divided by Six...Snake Eyes. 
4 Billion Divided by Six is actually 666,666,666.6666666

Notice in the video I'm talking about his CD Strategic Grill Locations. 

Isn't it funny how it was recorded at a comedy club in Houston. 
It was also on 9/7 of 1999....Dan Marino's final season in the NFL. 
We are in the 97th season of the NFL. 
I mean the odds of this are just stupid. I'm either being told something I don't fully see, or the Zionists are listening to what I have been presenting and mocking me by doing things like this. 
9/7 leaves 115 days in the year. 
Dan Marino's final game was on 1/15/2000. 
Remember all of my other copyright stuff I've mentioned. I said they were showing me the numbers 134, 135, and 165. 
One Hundred Thirty Four=115
One Hundred Thirty Five=115
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
Scottish Rite=165
Truth about Charlie Copyright Claim Old Video on 9/1/16
The last time I got a Copyright Claim was on 9/1/16. 
That video I put out on 1/30/15 which was a span of 1 year 7 months 3 days before I got a claim on it. 
One Hundred Fifteen=173

I put my Truth About Charlie Video out exactly 46 days or 1 month 15 days after my Mitch Hedberg video even. 
Notice the Truth about Charlie video also had a date numerology of 46. 
Houston Texas=46 

I also mention Sam Elliott in the video and say I could pry do a whole video on him. Sam Elliott though was the Cowboy guy in the Big Lebowski...He also portrayed Sam HOUSTON in another film.

He also narrated team introductions in  the Steelers vs Packers Superbowl in 2011 played in Cowboys Stadium. 

Most people probably think of Tombstone with Sam Elliott but 
honestly when I think of him, the first movie that comes to mind is MASK...the Rocky Dennis/Cher movie...
I didn't realized that Rocky Dennis is played by actor Eric Stoltz.  
Eric Stoltz of course the original Marty McFly. 

Then of course Ghost Rider lol a film I make fun of all the time. 

Interesting too he's also on Parks and Recreation that predicted the World Series on the 114th episode. 
The last episode he's on is Season 7 episode 11 and it came out on 2/17..15. 
Called "Two Funerals"=46

So I'm just adding to this post..Today is 1/10/17 at 3:11am. I typed in Mitch Hedberg Miami to try and figure out what the connection is.....I thought possibly he did a show in Miami that was special.....Interesting it brings up my video that was copyright claimed and then shows my Miami Dolphins videos in the description too.  It was even on the first page in the search...Obviously there are 2 parts in this video so why didn't the first part show up in the search?....

In noticing this though I noticed that the day I got a copyright claim was 48(End Date) days before his 49th bday. Meaning he would've been 48 years old if alive and the claim was 48 days before his bday. 

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  1. You know how 153 is 17th triangular number?
    107 converted to octal numbering system is 153, which is very interesting
    Divisors of 153 also sum to 234(+432)

    13th Fibonacci number is 233 which converted to Octal system is 351