Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CNN headquartered in Atlanta. Trump's feud with media

As I was trying to respond to some comments last night a thought struck my brain. 
CNN is headquartered in Atlanta. 
Donald Trump hates CNN/media....
Make America Great Again....Patriots
A possible theme or sub theme, especially with all of the "Fake News" stories. 

CNN even launched on 6/1/1980 which was the 153rd day.. This year it will be the 152nd day. 
Sixty Three=153
Flintstones=63, 153
My Uncle died age 63....63 days before 3/18. 
Ryan Tannehill=153
Jarvis Landry=153
I was filling out a Credit Card Application for my girlfriend earlier and realized her phone number...the last 4 digits are 3018 too. 
Jasmine Cowgill=152
Super Bowl Li=152

Just the Turner Broadcasting System in General helps explain to me why Craig Sager's Death was synced up to the Super Bowl. Also why the Boomerang Channel has been significant. 
The NBA Finals also will begin on the 37th anniversary of CNN. 

Turner Broadcasting System says it started after buying channel 17. Then on the 17th of December 1976 the Channel's signal was spread creating the superstation. 
CNN first launched at 17:00 EST on 6/1/80. 

Ted Turner also born on 11/19 which is important to a lot of things related in the news. 
King Charles I was born on 11/19. 
Abe Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address on 11/19. 
It's the 323rd day with 42 remaining. 
Cnn=13, 31 (Marino and more).


  1. Ahh yes CNN! great link, thanks for the post

  2. I found some awesome shit today connecting the two.

    The deadliest HOTEL fire in the history of the US happened on 12/7/(Already an Infamous day)/1946. It happened in Atlanta at the Winecoff. The Winecoff Hotel was located at 176 Peachtree, and the fire happened 176 days after Mama Trump shat Donnie from he anal-womb. 119 dead. 65 hurt(Like the combined score of both Atl/Packers games) This is a gematria goldmine. Even the list and description of the victims is epic. There is symbology in the victims for all that we are seeing today. Please look into it. There was a group of Women on a Y gathering that died, reminding me of the Women's Marches. The owners were both 76 and both died.

    1. And of course it is 153 years since Sherman burned the A.

    2. Shermans March=59, 77, 840(Jesuit=84, The Home Depot=804)