Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Monster of Maryvale...St. Joseph and Maryville Missouri/ Lynching of Raymond Gunn

Cnn showing this as the main story right now. The monster of Maryvale. 
The story stands out to me right away as Maryvale reminds me of Maryville.  Not sure if it's significant but we just had the Courthouse shooting in St. Joseph Michigan.  

Maryville, Missouri and  St. Joseph Missouri both cities in Northwestern, Missouri. 

Also the Vale reminds me of the death of Kyle Calloway I recently posted on. He died in Vail, Arizona. This story of Maryvale, AZ. 

"The Monster of Maryvale"=255, 93, 111

Love how they post this story on 7/13. 
It says the shootings began on 3/17.  
713 317...
Also 118 days ago. 

A Few famous people from Maryvale as well. 
Darren Woodson won 3 Superbowls with the Cowboys. 

Richard Jefferson sticks out to me though, because of his recent retirement after winning with Cleveland Cavaliers. He even played a significant role in the playoffs for them. 

Richard Jefferson=87 He was 35 when he won his first ring. 

Interesting it says Maryvale located from 35th Ave to 87th ave. 

Also says there haven't been any related shootings since June 12th. 

So far the shootings have spanned over 87 days. 
Maryvale located on 33N. 
Today is 13/7. 
The 33rd prime is 137. 
Be interesting if the next killing that's involved in this story is on 8/7.  
That means it will be 56 days after the last killing. 
W Berkeley Rd=56 (on the headline)

CNN Video is also 129 seconds.  or 2:09. 
Mentioned both of these numbers a few posts back. 
Micah Johnson=129

Maryville, Missouri even has the connections to the Native American theme too. It's the second biggest city in the Platte Purchase next to St. Joseph. 
Maryville, Missouri=87

Herbert Hoover even owned land outside of Maryville. 
Iowa the 29th state, Hoover only president from Iowa became president in 1929. The Stock Market crashed happened in his 1st year as president. 

Harry S Truman also has connections to Maryville as he was in the 129th Field Artillery Regiment out of Maryville. 

Even had a famous lynching of Raymond Gunn. 
Ray Gun? lol
Raymond Gunn=146, 56 
He was born 1/11/1904 and killed 1/12/1931. 

Arrested for attempted rape in 1925 and then released on the 28th day of 1928. This conviction led people to believe he murdered Velma Colter on 12/16/1930. 

So he was lynched 28 days after the murder. 

He claimed to have an accomplice named Shike Smith. 
Shike Smith=49, 121
This happened on 12/1. 

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