Monday, January 16, 2017

114 and Uncle Barney-The Flintstones-more weird stuff happening-Cubs

I am sorry if anyone thinks it's bad what I am showing in regards to my uncle but his story is exactly the same as the stories I see in the media/sports. 

Last night after I made a blog post about my Uncle I went downstairs to put some food back in the refrigerator. As I walked by the TV I noticed the Flintstones were on. I mean we never watch the Flintstones on purpose ever. The TV was just left on with cartoons from earlier in the night on channel BOOM which is also 175 on Dish Network. 

It was this episode...Episode 114. 
Now how messed up is that? 
Channel 175 and Barney died 175(no end date) after his 63rd bday on 1/14. 

Thirteen=45...(Marino Jersey)
He also died at 4:50pm. 
I know I talked about this tv channel before doing something similar to me. I must not have blogged it and only put it in a video as I can't seem to find it anymore. It was sometime around the time Obama dropped the mic and said "Boom". 
It was connected to the May 13th stuff and my weird copyright claims in regards to my Prince Video... 166 days is sometimes 5 months 13 days. 
May Thirteenth=166
Barney Murphy=166 and so on....

It's actually the Boomerang Channel. 
Boomerang=45, 90
A Boomerang reminds me of Pi and Cycles and Circles as well. I mean you throw it and it comes back. 

The Story my mom told me is strange as well. My Uncle called his wife when he got to Early, Iowa...Weird I've mentioned Earling, Iowa and the exorcism a lot...We also just got the death of William Peter Blatty. 
Earling, Iowa=114
Anyway he called his wife and then didn't respond for a few hours. She eventually called her brother and called the cops. They used GPS on his phone or something to find him. He was 5 or 6 miles off the highway on a gravel road. I mean he possibly just had a stroke and somehow got disoriented and drove all over the place before wrecking his truck. Just seems odd he would be that far off of the highway. 

This morning I came downstairs. My daughter was watching SpongeBob and some commercials were on. I look up at the tv and this commercial is playing...a Fruity Pebbles commercial with of course the Flintstones theme song playing in the background. 

I wonder if the 1/14 is connected to the "Tie"=114 stuff I have been mentioning? 
Barney Murphy Obitiuary
I just read his obituary as my sister posted it on Facebook. 
I noticed my mom spelled his name incorrectly in her text to me. 
She said it was Bernard Allan Murphy and it's actually Bernard Alan Murphy. 

Bernard Alan Murphy=191
He dies 191 days before his 64th bday. 
Society of Jesus=191
He was a 4th degree K of C. 
His funeral will be on January 19th or 19/1. 
His wifes name is "Betty Jean Murphy"=68, 203

It even tells us he went to the Papal Mass of Pope Benedict XVI in Washington DC...which was 4/16/2008.(Popes 81st bday) 
Pope Benedict=114
Joseph Ratzinger=191(Benedict's real name)

I guess his favorite NFL team was the Dolphins. I was thinking it was the Bears, but I wasn't sure...Now I know and it makes sense he would give me that # 13 Marino Jersey. 
It says baseball was his favorite sport and he was a Cubs fan. Funny that my neighbor is also a huge Cubs fan. He's probably in his 80's and ever since the Cubs won he has had all kinds of health problems and hasn't been home. I heard he most likely won't be back as he is staying with his kids. 
Isn't it interesting though if my Uncle loved the Cubs and baseball the most and he dies on 1/14.
Cubs were in 114th season being called the Cubs, won the WS getting their 114th win of the season. 
My Uncle was married on 8/8/1980 and quit drinking on 8/8/88. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

He went to a Cubs game on 8/8/2005 for their 25th wedding anniversary. 
This was the year the White Sox won the World Series and also the year of the last Tie before 2016. Remember it was Houston vs the Reds. 
Houston Tied the Reds 114 days before the 2005 WS that they got swept by the White Sox who hadn't won in 88 seasons. 

The game he went to on 8/8/05 was against none other than the Reds. 
Starting to make a lot more sense in regards to the Nirvana stuff I was talking about too in regards to Tribe of Dan/Daniel in the Lions Den... 
Kurt Cobain=114
Come as You Are=141...Jan 14th also 14/1. 
Dave Grohl born on 1/14. 

I should take a screenshot and post it with this but earlier when I got off work I started watching the Packers vs the Cowboys game. The first stat I saw was Aaron Rodgers had 166 yards, then the next play a big completion to Geronimo Allison. I'll find it tomorrow and post it above this paragraph. 

Thank you to everyone for the condolences as well, I do appreciate them. 

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