Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Toyota Camry article on CNN some possible connections

This could possibly be nothing but just documenting it for future reference.
I thought I worked this morning but I actually work at 4pm today so just skimming through some stuff and uploading the videos that I recorded last night. 
Anyway last night I mentioned in a video how I'm tired of cops because of 2 tickets I got in the mail..I didn't explain what they were but they involved my Toyota Camry. I'll explain more if more comes of this but I don't feel like typing a big thing. There's more to the story but basically I got a ticket because my girlfriend let her sisters boyfriend without a license drive my car. Neither one of  us even knew he didn't have a license and they were only taking it about 1/4 mile away to the dollar store. 

Anyway I just find it odd that I mentioned this in a video and now today there is a mainstream media article about Toyota Camry's. 

Last night after making my videos, I went to Yahoo and a headline article was about Carl Edwards the nascar driver retiring. He drove a Toyota Camry.
As I'm typing this up I was listening to Zach's new video using this quote by Carl Sagan. 

Carl Edward Sagan....Carl Edwards? 
Possibly nothing but like I said just want to document it as weird stuff like this happens all day long anymore. 

Toyota Camry=48, 156
Carl Edwards=45, 108
Carl Edward Sagan=59, 131
Carl Sagan=31, 76

Camry comes from a word that means Crown. 
Sex appeal=99
9/9 was the day Elizabeth II surpassed Victoria. 
Carl Edwards also well known for driving the # 99 Ford Fusion. 


  1. Billions and Billions of

  2. Check out the comment section. I called his last "victory". =)