Sunday, January 22, 2017

Royals Yordano Ventura dies in a car crash same day as Andy Marte-Cleveland Indians-Native American-Royal Family-

KC Royals "ACE" pitcher dies in a car accident today on 1/22. 
ACE Ventura huh? They had to get that Miami connection in there yet again. 
Yordano Ventura=67, 193
44th prime is 193
Car Crash=44
Kansas City=122
He dies on 1/22. 
My instant thought too was he is a Royal....All of the moon stuff with Prince Charles-Diana and what not...Diana the Royal dies in a car crash just like Ventura. He was 25 years old which reminds me of the date of the Super Bowl of 2/5 which is also on 2/6(Elizabeth II's anniversary) in England. 
His 25th bday even on 6+3+16=25

It's also most likely a tribute to Queen Victoria who died on 1/22 116 years ago. Remember Queen Eliz II surpassed her for longest reigning monarch....Victoria was queen for 63 years. 
Victoria died exactly 51 years 15 days before Elizabeth II became the Queen. 
Donald Trump is exactly 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Pope Francis was 15 years old in the year 51. 
Also the 1,189 connections to Trump's bday and Francis..

Ventura dies 233 days after his 25th bday...
233 is the 51st prime number. 

Ventura being born on 6/3 is also interesting as there is a parallel to Muhammad Ali. 
Ali born on 1/17 dies on 6/3. 
Yordano Ventura Hernandez=117

Ventura also dies 449 days after the Royals won the 111th World Series with Game 7 beginning on 11/1. 
449 is the 87th prime.
Dominican Republic=87, 168
Queen Elizabeth II=87, 168
Queen Victoria=87
The Royals beat the "New York Mets"=168 who play in Queens, New York. 
Ventura also was the Royals pitcher in Game 3 of that World Series...Game 3 was the only game the Royals lost to the Mets..
New York=39 and so on..

We also got the story of another MLB(Former) player to die in a car crash today...He's also from the Dominican Republic.
Oh the odds 2 Dominican baseball players die the same way on the same day in 2 different incidents. 
Andy Manuel Marte=59, 167..
Kansas City Royals=59

Interesting too in regards to the Cubs supposed to beat Miami according to Back to the Future in 2015...Marte born on Back to the Future Day 10/21....Think about how the newspaper says Queen Diana too. 
Back to the Future=59  
The Royals last won the WS on 10/27/1985 which is the day Back to the Future III comes to an end. 

Both Marte and Ventura have a connection to the Cleveland Indians who lost to the Cubs in the 112th WS. 
Marte played for the Indians. 

He died 94 days after his 33rd bday. 
Cleveland Indians=67, 94
Yordano Ventura=67, 94

Ventura's final MLB game was against the Indians this year.
Notice it was his 32nd game this season and 94th overall. 
94 days is also 3 months 2 days...interesting. 

Marte's final MLB game was against none other than the KC Royals too. lol. 
6/3 is the 154th day of the year. 
Native Americans=154...also 1114(Jewish)
Prince Charles born on 11/14
Queen Camilla=154
Restoration=154(return of King Charles II)
Native American=63
Francis Scott Key died age 63 on 1/11..
Frances Key=111
Queen Elizabeth born on 111th day...9/11 leaves 111 days in the year. 
Ace Ventura=38, 110
Andy Marte=38, 101

In the Espn video in the article they even bring up this guy who signed Ventura and also signed Marte when he was with the Atlanta Braves. Born in 67'....Also on 2/17 yet again fitting...It's the 48th day. 
Prince Charles born in 48'
Charles II=48
Charles I dies age 48
Indians hadn't won since the year 1948 which was the last closest Super Moon, biggest election upset in American History when Harry S. Truman defeated Thomas E. Dewey...Truman died age 88 in Kansas City..."Trump"=88  Truman was the 33rd president. 
So much more it's funny how it all comes back to the same things I seem to mention over and over. 

Gonna think more about this story as I feel like I thought of something else that goes with it and now can't remember.