Friday, January 13, 2017

Rams hire Sean McVay-Lane/Monte Kiffin Nebraska Cornhuskers

How interesting we get a story about Sean Mcvay becoming the Youngest NFL Coach the same day we get a story about the Chargers moving to LA. Mcvay is going to coach the Los Angeles Rams. 
Youngest NFL Coach=71, 80,188
Los Angeles Chargers=80, 188

Notice Mcvay also attended college at MIAMI Ohio. 
Sean Mcvay=31, 103

Notice he surpassed Lane Kiffin as the Youngest Coach. 
Lane Kiffin=51, 87
Lane Kiffin born in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Think about all of the Cornhusker stuff I've mentioned and how it connects to the 49ers and the Rams/Moses/Civil War. 
Kiffin even born on 5/9 a big number in regards to the Civil War...The Civil war came to an end on 5/9/1865
So on...
Lincoln born on 43rd day of year....becomes president on 3/4 or 4/3...Dies 4 years 3 days after the Civil War begins..
Forty Three=59
Also Alabama is connected to Mike Riley Nebraska's coach. 
Kiffin being 41 years old right now really sticks out a lot as well in regards to Nebraska's defense. 
Blackshirts=41, 122
Skull and Crossbones=41
Bob Devaney=41 (coach of Nebraska when they began Blackshirts)
He died on 5/9. 
May Ninth=41
He was also the coach that coached Nebraska to it's first 2 championships in 71' over LSU and 72' over Alabama the team Mike Riley was on. 
Kiffin's father was also a coach with Bob Devaney for Nebraska..
Monte Kiffin=59, 122 (Def.. coach when name Blackshirts stuck)
George Kelley=59, 122(Def coach when Blackshirts originated)
Husker Fans=41, 122
Memorial=41 (Nebraska's stadium)
Bob Devaney also died in 1997 and remember the 1997 season Nebraska split the national title with Michigan after defeating Tennessee....They played Tennessee this year in the Bowl game and Michigan played in the Orange Bowl....Lane Kiffin also once the coach of Tennessee. 
41 also a big number in 9/11 but moving on....

Kiffin also became the coach of the Oakland Raiders who like I said in the previous post are connected to Los Angeles like the Chargers and the Rams. 
He was the offensive coordinator for Alabama but left on 1/2/16 before the national championship against Clemson. 

So Lane Kiffin left Alabama on 1/2 to Florida Atlantic in which he was hired on 12/12.   

Sean McVay hired 12 days before his 31st bday. interesting his bday on the 24th day of the year. 

Sean is also the grandson of John McVay who went to Miami, Ohio college. 
He's also won 5 championships with the 49ers as an executive on the team. 
Born on 1/5 or 5/1. 
Notice he's born in Bellaire, Ohio....Reminds me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Although the spelling is different the name McVay reminds me a lot of Timothy McVeigh and the OK City bombing. 

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