Thursday, January 26, 2017

Black Birds Swarm Houston-Brandon Lee The Crow-Flip the Bird-Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 The Byrds-Death of Muhammad Ali-1996 Atlanta Olympics-63

I got this think in the comments from Rick Godley.
 Black Birds Swarm Houston

In searching for this, I found this isn't the first time it has happened in Houston. Notice in 2015 they thought most of them were Red Winged Blackbirds? 

This is the Atlanta Falcons logo...

Black Birds remind me of this story as well. The Actor shot dead during filming. It reminds us of The Crow and Brandon Lee dying on set. 
Lee and this guy were both 28 years old too. 

In regards to the Flipper stuff...I think I mentioned this in the video but you say Fuck You by Flipping the Bird....Family Guy the Birds the Word. The Falcons first Super Bowl was the same day Family Guy premiered. 

Birds makes me think of this song too. I know I talked about this song somewhere in 2016 too, I just can't find it on my blog. Maybe it was in a World Series Video with Terry Francona Flipping the Bird, and Trevor Bauer hurting his finger? 
Middle Finger=70

Anyway notice the lyrics to this song are taken from the KJV....Ecclesiastes 3:1-8....How interesting the 318 again. 
Written by King Solomon...interesting in regards to Freemasonry. 

Birds also remind me of the Birds and the Bees...In 2016 we got stories about Bee's being on the endangered list for the 1st time. 
Bees are the Male-Pollinate...Birds are the Female-Lay Eggs 

I'm reminded of this comment. 

Atlanta being the Super Bowl also puts the death of Muhammad Ali in perspective. Ali lit the Olympic Torch in Atlanta in 1996.
Muhammad Ali=96
He died in the Phoenix are too which reminds us of a Bird again.

It's why 63 keeps coming up I think. 
Ali died on 6/3....
The prophet Muhammad died age 63. 
Ali died on 6/3 which was 63 days before the Rio Olympics.
Rio=42=Muhammad Ali
6/3 to Super Bowl 51 is 8 months 3 days.
Football=29, 83
My Uncle died age 63.
If you Sum 1 through 63 you get's the 2016 season of the NFL. 
Sixty Three=153
Ryan Tannehill=153
Jarvis Landry=153
I talked about how the Dolphins might be representing the Age of AQUArius...Jesus had the miraculous catch of 153 fish.
The Age of Pisces the fish. 
Thinking about the Band Flipper too...Their Logo is the Dead Fish almost signifying the death Pisces..
Alfred Hitchcock's..The Birds came out in 1963...Flipper came out in 1963. 
Remember How my Uncle's bday was the same day as the death of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler too....They were super connected to 63 and 36. 
Wisconsin played Mich St. 63 days after their deaths. 
Wisconsin played Nebraska 3 months 6 days after their deaths. 
Nebraska played Wisconsin on 10/29 that leaves 63 days in the year. 
Mike Sadler and Sam Foltz bday's 63 days apart. 11/19 to 1/21. 
There was more but that's all I can remember...
Native American=63
6/3 is the 154th day....Native Americans=154
Reno Nevada=63(Trump..Clinton Collapse, Plane Crash on 9/11..Janet Reno..Collin Kapernick college)
Francis Scott Key died age 63.
Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years.(Yordano Ventura dies on 1/22 born on 6/3). 
Eddie Long died age 63 (Atlanta Pastor)


  1. I have been talking about Blackbird and the Beatles and the Falcons for days. Go read the wiki for the song. And guess who plays LaCrosse in Atlanta; the Georgia Swarm.

    1. 153 years ago Atlanta burned.

    2. Awesome, I looked at the Beatles song last night but it makes a lot more sense today. The Charlie Manson going to the hospital story and his Helter Skelter Theory....Blackbird it says was meant to program Blacks to rise up against the Whites. I'll look more into the fire...Funny I remember months ago talking about how I kept seeing Fulton but didn't know what it meant. Now I see Atlanta is in Fulton County. I thought it was something to do with the Mighty Ducks, and even the Mighty Ducks defeat the Hawks in the first film. Also the death of Zaveion Dobson..He played Football at Fulton HS...the Fulton Falcons.

    3. I re-listen to Donovan's song 'Atlantis'

    4. Beatles played Fulton County Stadium 960 days before MLK died, then played Houston the very next day. That was 8-18-65 and 8-19-65.


  2. I know this isn't a 'sports' site per se, (yeah I lost $1500 in my Gematia Semester last fall), yet this seems from the 'not so coincidental' files.... FYI Thanks for your work.

    have an interest in the etymology (origins) of words. The word “inaugurate” has a dark history. In Roman times, an Augur was a man who could read omens. Another title for an Augur was a Soothsayer. In modern parlance an Augur might be called a Fortune Teller, or a Prophet.

    The term Augur came from the practice of observing flocks of birds in flight and reading messages from what was observed.

    Roman Augur

    The word “Augur” is derived from the Latin avis, (bird), and garrire, (to talk, or to tell). The Augur would receive messages from the birds in the heavens as he observed their formations and flight. He would also listen to the birds’ song, observe what they ate, and examine their entrails. The Augur understood the arcane minutiae of these omens, and would translate their meaning for those who called upon his services.

    Now loot at this video..... you make the call....Truth Auger

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