Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ted FALCONI the guitarist of the Band Flipper-1996 Flipper Film-Atlantis Space Shuttle

I took another look at the band Flipper as I figured there was something I might've missed since that crazy night. 
Look at the members of the Band....The guitarist is Ted FALCONI lol that is great. Another founding member but not with them very long was Ricky Williams....reminds me of the the Miami Dolphins player Ricky Williams. 
Falconi was also a Vietnam War veteran. 

I also had a comment from Wayne Rushton on my original post that said the Film Flipper (1996) came out on Matt Ryan's bday May 17th. The Original film came out in 63' which I see why it's fitting now since my Uncle has died age 63. 

Atlantis was the name of the last space shuttle in space too. We just got the death of the last guy to walk on the Moon(Cernan) so I found this interesting. 
Notice it had 33 flights...Traveling 126,000,000 miles or
Atlantis=24, 33
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

Anyway I'm gonna try and watch the film Flipper for some clues just wanted to post some things that I didn't know where to post and some new stuff I saw in regards to Flipper. 


  1. Seeing FALCONI just reminded me of gotham again, there's a character called Carmine FALCONe. He is played by John Doman.
    John Doman = 40. Atlanta Falcons = 40.

    Have you done much work on the space X rocket, I'm sure that's called falcon too.
    Falcon, space, houston, maybe there's something there.

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