Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Orlando Suspect still not caught..Chief John MINA 717, Hajj Stampede, Wrestlemania 33

They are supposedly still looking for Markeith Loyd. I noticed a few more things in regards to this story. 
They say he wanted to be on America's most wanted. 
America's Most Wanted=68, 203
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

The Big thing that I just thought of is the Police Chief's name is John Mina. 
Remember this story started at Walmart at 7:17am. 
Markeith Loyd=717(Jewish)

Remember in 2015 we had a bunch of stuff in regards to 7/17. (Trainwreck Film came out) but also the story of 717 dead in the Hajj Pilgrimage in MINA, Mecca.. Saudi Arabia. 
Aaron-Moses Brother also died on the 1st of Av which in 2015 was 7/17. He died age 123.  "Mina Saudi Arabia"=123
Debra Clayton=48, 120
Mina Stampede=48, 120

Markeith Loyd=60
Tribe of Levi=60
Pisgah=60(where Moses died)

The House of Windsor began on 7/17/1917. 
Orlando reminds us of the Invictus Games and Prince Harry. 
Princess Camilla's bday is 7/17. 
Charles is 12 years 7 months 17 days older than Diana. 

With all of the Jesus stuff lately isn't it interesting that Yahweh in Hebrew looks like it has a 717 too? 

In 2014 we had MH Flight 17 crash on 7/17. It's first flight was exactly 17 years before that on 7/17/97. 

She was also a first responder in the Pulse attack too. 

This kid in the John Cena shirt has got me wondering if they are pointing to something at Wrestlemania 33 that will be held in Orlando this year. 

Wrestlemania will be 83 days or 2 months 24 days after this shooting. 

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