Thursday, January 12, 2017

Family Guy episode "Patriot Games"..Fred Flintstone-Patriots Cowboys

Someone on my videos commented about Tom Brady and when I looked him up again I noticed he was on the 70th episode of Family Guy. 
Miami Dolphins=70
Remember Family Guy first aired the same day as the episode of the Simpsons with Dan Marino on 1/31/1999. 
The main reason this episode stuck out to me is the fact that it also has Fred Flintstone in it. 
If you have been following what I have been showing, a lot of it connects back to the Flintstones. 
As I'm reading more about the episode it even says Peter plays for the Patriots for 1 game against the Cowboys...but then is traded to London...haha remember how the Dolphins stuff also was connected to TIES the Bengals through the Bullying Scandal and also the Thursday Night games. The Bengals tied the Redskins this year in London and also the Colts played Jaguars in London that seemed to be synced up to the Cowboys.  The Bengals also played Miami on the day of the Hoboken Trainwreck that synced up with a Tie and the Cubs winning the WS. 

This Family Guy episode also came out on 1/29.2006. 
Patriots are America's team. 
Of Course Super Bowl LI....L=12 I=9
I'm wondering if there's a connection to the episode being season 4 episode 20 as well. 
4/20 the 110th day of the year. 
These numbers have a lot of connections.
Osama Bin Laden=56, 110
Adolf Hitler=56, 110
The Twin Towers were 110 stories tall. 
President=56, 110
Rockefeller=56, 110
And so on...

When they show Fred Flintstone, it's even about betting on Sports and he says "Vote No on Indian Gaming Laws"....(Native American theme)

The Guy who voices Fred on this is Jeff Bergman...Interesting he was born on the 192nd day of the year. 
Indianapolis Colts=192  
So on....
He's also 56 years old right now. 
Jeff Bergman=51, 87

Just read through some of the Wiki stuff on this guy.  He became the first voice of Bugs Bunny age 29 after the death of Mel Blanc who died on his 29th birthday...
He is also going to the be the host of a show in Omaha in 2017. 
He also did voices on Ace Ventura the tv show. 
In the part with Fred Flinstone they mention a fight between Carol Channing and Mike Tyson. 
Notice Channing born on 1/31. 
Mike Tyson=131

Peter goes to his 25th class reunion. Possibly nothing but SB 51 on 2/5. 
Class Reunion=51, 150
Green Bay Packers=150

Peter says he is a secret agent astronaut millionaire and the other guy says "Cool, where'd you get the Cowboy hat". 
To me he's a Space Cowboy...assuming because James Garner was in the movie Space Cowboy...but think about how fitting that is for the upcoming Super Bowl played in Houston.
Also John Glenn died 4 months 20 days after his 95th bday. 
This is season 4 episode 20. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
The Flintstones had 166 episodes...
Barney Murphy=166
The Gold Slipper=166
The Flintstones were the most famous show before the Simpsons and Family Guy first aired with the Simpsons on the Superbowl Sunday in 1999.  

Space Cowboys is about nuclear weapons and Russia and at the End Tommy Lee Jones character flies to the MOON. Notice he was born exactly 15 years before Dan Marino on 9/15. 

Anyway after his class reunion in which Tom Brady is there Peter gets to play for the Patriots. The first game he plays in is against the Redskins. The only other game he plays in is against the Cowboys and then he gets traded.   Cowboys-Indians...Remember these 2 teams played on Thanksgiving 2016 too. 

Peter wears # 68 for the Patriots. 

In real life right now # 68 for the Patriots is Ladrian Waddle. 
Notice his bday of 21/7....Also he played college at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas where Tannehill is from....the Lubbock Lights. 

Here's a pic of him against the Cowboys.

After he scores a TD he sings Shipoopi for a long time and makes Tom Brady mad. That's why he gets traded. 

Anyway they keep showing only 1 fan wearing a jersey. It's the number 10...It's black so possibly a Raiders connection...
Ten=12, 39
Tom Brady is 39 years old right now. 

They even show a bar with man in a number 10 jersey during that song. 

Jimmy Garrapolo is # 10 right now for the Patriots. Of course the 11/2 bday..."Houston"=112...but remember he also broke Tony Romo's records at Eastern, Illinois...Romo born on 112th day of the year. So just interesting how # 10 connects to the Cowboys as well. 

At the end Peter plays with the London team and challenges Tom Brady and the Patriots to a game. Peter's teammates leave and he stays getting hit by all the Patriots. Then Brady gets his respect back for Peter. 

The episode Title is also named after Tom Clancy's book Patriot Games. Notice the plot in this book is about saving the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

I see there are other episodes of Family Guy with Fred Flintstone that I will try and check out. This one stands out though as it's about Football, possibly the other ones are too. Gonna look more. 

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