Sunday, January 29, 2017

Book of Daniel 10:12

I was sitting here thinking about the 1012 that seems so significant into what I keep seeing. I thought I wonder what Revelation 10:12 says, but there is no Revelation 10:12. Then for some reason I saw The Book of Daniel and figured I'd see if it had one as I kept being shown Dan/Daniel stuff too and that's my name. 

Since the First Day you set your mind to gain understanding and so on....Mind blowing. 
Here's all of Daniel 10: 


  1. That is wild. You must look into

    The Tribe of Dan=127, 64, 410, 205

    "Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness."
    Judges 14:14

    It is an old Christian/Jewish belief for the coming of the Anti-Christ. Represented by a Swarm of Bees which entered the corpse of a Lion(Judaha/Zion) and made their home within it.

    The numbers from above are all Atlanta. Not to mention they are lead by DAN Quinn and just as rhe 2 week hype started, DAN Shaughnessy of the Globe wrote an article slamming the Fans. Stirring up the Bees.

    Also, that Winecoff Fire I keep.mentioning happened on the same numbers, 12/7/46

    Smoking out the BEES in Hot-Lanta.

    1. Did you see the new Family Guy episode the Gronkosbees? It's all about Bees and when Peter buys a drone it gets attacked and raped by a Hawk. Samson sort of fits in with the Lil Yachty stuff too as he had 7 dreadlocks supposed to represent the main of a lion. At least that's what rastafarians believe, and the dreadlocks gave him power.

  2. Could the Falcons in the SB be representing the RISE of the Antichrist?? Hence why they chose to wear red like the 2nd horsemen of the Apocalypse is red and brings WAR. Last SB we had the Broncos the white horse which brings chaos etc...

  3. Broncos wore white in the Super Bowl and won. Third horsemen is a black horse bringing famine.

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  4. Atlanta will win and the odds alone should tell you at only 3 points.