Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Youtube took away my Banner(Channel Art) of the Last Supper and my other Home page features

I just got home from picking up my daughter at school. I noticed that all the sudden my Banner on Youtube is deleted. 
I refreshed the page and even opened a new page and it's still gone.
Ha I even have 1972 subs and talking about the 72' Dolphins.  

I then started looking at other pages to see if it was only mine. Was Zach's always like this? Saying TRUTH in big letters like that? 
I mean pretty interesting as I just posted a video about how I was listening to his show and talked about how he said "Truth" right as I was looking at the word Truth on the Flipper wiki. 
Maybe his always said this like that, but something seems different about it to me, or it's like a bigger font than I remember? 
Anyone who knows it would be greatly appreciated. Still doesn't make sense regardless of why my banner is now missing. They also took away the extra headline stuff like...my Featured How to Gematria video.  

This is what it should look like...and used to look like. I got this picture off of an old video. 

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