Friday, January 27, 2017

Rajon Rondo Responds to Wade/Butler Marquette Jesuit University-Milwaukee/Atlanta Hawks

Have to love this article just before the Super Bowl. Rajon Rondo responds to Wade and Butler's remarks after the Bulls blow a lead to ATLANTA. Then Rondo talks up his former team the Boston Celtics. 
Atlanta vs New England(Boston). 
The Truth and the original Teen Wolf. 
Notice too the Bulls blew an 11 point lead to the Hawks...
The game was on 1/25 which was 11 days before SB 51. 

Jimmy Butler was born in Houston, where SB 51 is played. 
Chicago Bulls=112
Jimmy Butler III=175...interesting number I've noticed with my Uncle. 

Dwayne Wade has been a big piece to the puzzle since the Alton Sterling Shooting when he signed with the Bulls. 
Born on 1/17...attended his first Cornhusker game on 9/5 that leaves 117 days and more. Married to Gabrielle UNION....Lincoln, Civil War, Union so on...
Notice Wade and Butler both went to College at Marquette. A Jesuit school. Tommy Boy went to Marquette University as well...Herbie Hancock..Jerry Sandusky much I've talked about. 
Marquette is also in Milwaukee where Colin Kaepernick was born. 

The Hawks also were even from Milwaukee at one point. 

What's funny is after I learned of the 9/23 stuff...the first time I ever saw it in anything was at an Atlanta Hawks game on TV. I uploaded it on 5/5/15. 

They zoomed in on Kyle Korver for a long time and then panned over and zoomed in on this..
It's Lou Hudson and Bob Pettit....Kobe Bryant and Pettit are the only 4 time MVP of the NBA All Star Game. 
Remember the Milwaukee Bucks stopped the Warriors 28 game win Streak last year on 12/12 which was Pettit's 83rd bday. The Warriors were trying to break the Lakers 33 game win streak in which the Lakers also lost to Milwaukee. 

Possibly nothing but interesting to me that 5/5/15 was a span of 643 days before Superbowl 51. Also 1 year 9 months 1 day.
Society of Jesus=191 (Jesuits)
643 is the 117th prime. 
The town phone code where I live in 643... 712-643..XXXX

The only championship the Hawks have won was against Boston too in 1958 which was 58 years ago. 

The Hawks also remind me that Dikembe Mutombo was supposedly at the Brussels attack. 
Belgium Airport=166
Dikembe Mutombo=58


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