Thursday, January 12, 2017

San Diego Chargers moving to LA-Jackin it in San Diego-Super Bowl 29...Rams/49ers

Today we found out the San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. 
San Diego Chargers=81, 153

It's interesting they are moving to LA with the Rams. 

The only SB the Chargers have been in was a loss to the 49ers in Miami. 
I actually talked about this Super bowl clear back before SB 49. 

Tom Brady broke Joe Montana's career TD passes against the Ravens with 46. Then after the Deflategate game they made a big deal out of his next 3 giving him 49 just before SB 49...Montana a famous 49er..... Notice the Espn article even came out exactly 20 years after SB 29 too on 1/29/15. 
The 49ers won SB 29 with 49 points in their 49th season. Steve Young the QB was the lead rusher with 49 yards. It was the 94' season..94...49. 
Funny all of this was before I even knew Gematria now I see that.....
Steve Young=153
San Diego Chargers=153
Of course Steve Young had to retire because of the missed block by Lawrence Phillips(Nebraska/Rams/Dolphins)
Young was hit by Aeneas Williams who finished his career with the RAMS. 

More to think about in regards to this but I feel like there is a Rams/49ers link to this. 
Los Angeles California=197
197th the 45th prime. 

There has to be some connection to the security guard whacking it at the San Diego game as well.  They were playing the Raiders who also have ties to Los Angeles. 

It reminded me a lot of this South Park Episode where at the end they sing "Jackin it in San Diego". It's making fun of Kony 2012 and also a film called Bully...which reminds me of the Dolphins. 
They bring it back in the next episode which is season 16 episode 6...166...
Flintstones had 166 episodes.
Barney Murphy=166
The Gold Slipper=166

The song is making fun of this guy...Jason Russell. Notice he was born on 10/12. 
Jason Russell=165
This song came originally from Season 16 episode 5(Butterballs)
I should have never gone ziplining=165 (Season 16 episode 6 title)

As I'm typing this too I noticed something I didn't put together before. 
I mentioned all of the 217 stuff in a few previous posts. 
New England Patriots=217
2/17 during a leap year leaves 318 days in the year. 

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