Monday, January 23, 2017

24: Legacy to Premiere after Super Bowl LI

I wondered if the Simpsons or Family Guy were going to air after the Super Bowl this year, but I guess not. 
It's going to be "24: Legacy"..
Now this is interesting considering the show "24" which this is a spinoff from has some connections to presidential assassination attempts. 

In Day 5 of the show the FORMER Black President gets assassinated. 
I know I've mentioned this guy and show before as he is played by Dennis Haysbert who is also Pedro Cerrano on Major League. 

He dies on Season 5 episode 1 or the 97th episode. 
Interesting Super Bowl 51
It's the 97th season of the NFL.

The original show 24 stars Keifer Sutherland. How interesting as he's also on the show Touch that is all about seeing the Universal code. The first episode is about 318 the God number. 

His son on the show just so happens to be the same actor who plays the autistic boy on "The Darkness".  If you go back and look a big piece to the native american theme began with the only 2 movies I went and watched in the theatre in 2016.  It was the new "Divergent" Movie, and The Darkness.  The Divergent movie came out on 3/18.
The Darkness came out on May 13th.
Remember 5 months 13 days is sometimes 166 days. 
May Thirteenth=166
The Darkness is about an autistic boy who takes rocks from the Grand Canyon causing his house to unlock the Anasazi Demons. 
In regards to the 2/5 super bowl too. 

I also cannot help but think of Keifer's father Donald Sutherland. He is in the movie Space Cowboys even. 
I've got a lot of film/tv watching to do in the next few days that is for sure. 

On the Tom Brady Simpsons episode I was thinking this was possibly showing us the Cowboys but now that I think about it...It's somewhat like a Space Cowboy....It's a Cowboy Hat in the Sky reminding us of Space. 

In my last post I mentioned how the 166th episode of Family Guy was preceded by the Simpsons episode titled "Falcon and the D'Ohman"....
Notice this Simpsons episode begins with Homer singing a revised version of the song "Walking on the Moon". Later in this episode there is a part where they thank the assassin for saving part of the moon too. 

Wiki also makes sure to let us know that 24 Legacy is bringing back a signature character played by Carlos Bernard. 

Look at that...his bday is 10/12..
Look how Wiki refers to him as just Bernard multiple times too. 
Bernard as in Barney....
My Grandpa was born on 10/12 and his middle name was Bernard which is how he named my uncle Barney... Bernard. 
Possibly nothing but my Grandpa also died on 12/21/1980 which was Keifer Sutherland's 14th bday. 

24 also reminds me a lot of the X theme that was used in last years Super Bowl. 

Anyway gonna try and watch some of these movies and tv shows. 


  1. Legacy=53 (Super Bowl LI=53)
    Twenty-Four=167, 167 is the 39th prime (NRG=39 L=3 I=9, stadium broke ground on 3/9/2000)

    Also the 24th term president was James A. Garfield who was assassinated.

    James A. Garfield=111 (New York=111) (Trump is from New York)

    Garfield was a republican like Trump.

    Garfield is permanently resting in a memorial in Cleveland, Ohio where Trump held his convention.

    1. Awesome stuff thank you.. Garfield has been an important piece for a while. I've never known how to read it. "Twenty Four"=1881(Jewish) which was the year Garfield was killed. He was born on 11/19 which Ted Turner(Atlanta..CNN), Larry King, King Charles I, Jodi Foster's bday as well. I'm starting to wonder if Craig Sager was a sacrifice for the Falcons too. Charles Guiteau who killed Garfield also died age 40.."Atlanta Falcons"=40

  2. Keifer Sutherland Also played the president in designated survivor.

  3. David Mazouz = 52. His birthday is 50 weeks 2 days before SB51. He's 15.
    He also plays Bruce Wayne in Gotham.
    We just had the 51st episode of Gotham air 97 days before the SB in the 97th season.
    It was on 10/31. Superbowl = 131.
    Episode was called Red queen ( royal theme again.)
    Red queen = 44. SB on a date that adds to 44. Georgia = 44. 44th week of the year began on 10/31.
    I'm sticking with Atlanta, I don't think the prince theme is finished yet. Prince's last show was in Atlanta. He cancelled a show before he died because he had the flu (like the steelers and packers did before they got eliminated.)
    Prince then went back to minnesota and went out to a club. Performing at the club that night was a singer called Liz Wright. Her birthday is 1/22, the same day Atlanta beat Aaron RODGERS and Jordy NELSON (prince rogers nelson.)
    This was in minnesota but guess where Lizz Wright is're damn right she's from Georgia.
    But where do brady and the Pats fit in?

    1. Great stuff thank you. I think it's looking good for Atlanta as well. It seems to me that's what I was getting shown all along as I look back at it. I'm starting to wonder if a theme would be something in regards to Donald Trump vs the Fake Media. Trump trying to make america great again(Patriots) while CNN(Atlanta) is making it worse.