Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Space Cowboys(film)-Falcon-Hawk...couldn't finish the movie as it keeps saying not found now.

Literally within the first few minutes of Space Cowboys the character named "Hawk" says..."Recover One, this "Falcon". 
Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons.....

Just after that they show they moon and Frank says we are going there someday...Then starts singing Frank Sinatra "Fly me to the Moon". 

Frank Sinatra=51, 132

After they talk about the Moon the plane starts to crash and one of them yells we have to eject...the other says at 112,000 thousand feet. 

After the parachute down they emphasize the 112 yet again. 

They mention 40 a lot in this movie as well. Emphasizing it's been 40 years since they had the chance to go to the moon. Hawk takes a lady out and they kept mentioning 40 percent. 
Atlanta Falcons=40

So for some reason no matter what website I try and finish this movie on it will not load anymore. 

My Netflix will load, my Youtube will load but none of the websites I use that have this movie will load this movie. 
They aren't from the same source either. 

Putlocker quit working on this movie but yet it will load other stuff when I try to watch it? It's strange this movie got so far and then just quit and hasn't worked ever since. 
I started watching it early this morning before I went to bed, but I kept falling asleep. I stopped the movie and closed my laptop probably around 4:30/5am.  At 8:59am I woke up to people talking and I noticed it was coming from my closed laptop. The movie was at 1 hour 9 minutes and I can't remember the seconds. 8:59 is 1 minute until 9.....
I asked my girlfriend if it was playing when she woke up Claire for school around 6-6:30am and she said no, but she heard it around 8:30 and thought I woke up and started watching it again. When I woke up later today(after noon) I started watching it again. It stopped with about half hour or so left and it hasn't worked since... It's just got me really wondering if there is something significant at the end that I'm not supposed to see? Who knows...Maybe my internet is just messed up in some weird way as well. 

I guess I'll just try tomorrow. 


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