Monday, July 11, 2016

Officer shot outside Michigan Courthouse Former Miss America

Another Police officer shot outside a courthouse in Michigan. 
Michigan=46, 64
Bailiffs=46, 64
Makes complete sense, I just re posted a bunch of 46 and 64 in regards to Civil Rights. 
Civil Rights=64  
Civil Rights Act passed in 1964
Lyndon B Johnson=64 (was president in 1964)
Much more. 

I just looked up the history on St. Joseph Michigan. Interesting it says St. Joseph and Benton Harbor are known as the Twin Cities. Just reminds me of the Minnesota shooting. 
Of course the native american tribes important to this area are the Miami and the Potawatomi. 
I've been mentioning this in regards to the area that I live and also the Mormons. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa the famous starting point of the Mormon trail is in Pottawattamie County. The county named after the Native american tribe. 

Miss America 2014 also went to high school in St. Joseph, Michigan. 
Nina Davuluri=56, 146
Miss America=56, 110
The town is just over 8,000 people. Not impossible but interesting it has connections to 2 things I've been talking about. 

Waiting for more details to come out. 

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