Monday, January 9, 2017

Orlando police officer killed-Manhunt for Markeith Loyd 717

An Orlando Police officer was killed today. The Police are looking for suspect Markeith Loyd. 
Notice they tell us it all started about 7:17am. 

They also let us know the officer was a 17 year veteran. 

Markeith Loyd=717(Jewish)

She was trying to contack Markeith Loyd at 7:17 lol such a joke. 

A $60,000 reward huh?
Markeith Loyd=60 (small way)

Both of their initials are 43. 

This was the first Firearm death of a police officer in 2017 as well. 

Debra Clayton=48, 120

I'm a little confused about this as well. So she died this morning and they already have her in a casket? Possibly they always do this? Doesn't seem to make that much sense though to already have her in a casket when she hasn't even been to the funeral home yet. 

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