Thursday, January 26, 2017

Matt Moore concussion protocol-Dayton Moore-Mark Dayton Collapse-Mary Tyler Moore-Death of Butch Trucks Allman Brothers Drummer

Today we got a story about Matt Moore getting hit during the Steelers game and not following Concussion protocol. 
Funny a story about Matt Moore the same day we get the death of Mary Tyler Moore. 
On the death of Yordano Ventura and Marte I mentioned how ESPN told us about Dayton Moore signing both of them. 

The day after Ventura's death we got Minnesota Governor Mark DAYTON collapse. 
Who knows I just find that interesting. 

The Matt Moore article tells us that Bud Dupree hit him. 
I noticed Bud Dupree is from Macon, Georgia. 

Now I see we got a story about the death of Butch Trucks, who is the original drummer of The Allman Brothers. 

The Allman Brothers debuted out of Macon, Georgia. It's even where Duane Allman died. Which reminds me of how the Lynyrd Skynrd song "Free Bird" is a tribute to Duane Allman. 
Just interesting in regards to the Atlanta Falcons being in the Super Bowl....Free BIRD. 
Macon Georgia=63, 108

I might do more research into this later. I'm just not feeling this story at the moment or something. I've got 1000 other things on my mind. I know I've talked about Ronnie Van Zant's death somewhere a long the way. He died on 10/20 in 77'...Leonard Skinner died on 9/20...which leaves 102 days in the year age 77. Need to look through my old notes as I'm sure it's all interrelated. 

Trucks dies 3 months 18 days before his bday. 

The band "Drive By Truckers" also did a Tribute to Ronnie Van Zant....Truck Truckers? 
Drive By Truckers also make me think about Sturgill Simpson as well. Got some more to look welcome to Iowa too, that I actually know these Country guys...

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