Monday, January 16, 2017

Eugene Cernan dies-Neil Armstrong.The first and the Last people to Walk on the Moon

Seriously talk about being right behind the script. I talked about this guy at the end of November as he was the last person to walk on the Moon. Him and Neil Armstrong both attended Purdue University and were the 1st and the Last people to Walk on the Moon. 
Think about this in regards to the Superbowl played in Houston Yet again. 
Eugene Cernan-Neil Armstrong 1st and last to walk on Moon

Eugene Cernan=58, 112
Born in 34'. 
Dies on 1+16+17=34
Eighty Two=51, 132
The 82nd prime is also 421 which reminds us of the Death of Prince on 4/21..the 112th day last year. The Simpsons killed Prince off with Neil Armstrong on 11/2. 

The Last Man to Walk on the Moon=314
Born on 3/14. 

He died 57 days before his 83rd bday.
It's also a total span of 58 days(End Date)
Eugene Cernan=58

Another thing he did was Roast Don Rickles. How fitting Rickles born on 5/8. 

Cernan worked for 13 years at Nasa and famous for Apollo 17....
The 13..17 stuff I was mentioning that was connected to the Miami Dolphins...Dan Marino. 
Marino Played for 17 seasons, 17 years ago...Wore # 13 and Tannehill wears # 17...Tannehill got hurt on the 13th game this season. 
Remember Super Bowl 7(72' Dolphins) did a pregame tribute to Apollo 17 as well. 
Dolphins were 17-0 and blew the 17-0 win over the Redskins on Garro's Gaffe. 
Interesting in regards to my Uncle Super Bowl 7 was also played on 1/14/1973...So he died exactly 44 years after SB 7. 

Cernan walked on the Moon in Apollo 17 on 12/11/72. 
Notice it was 34 days before SB 7. 
Cernan born in 34'
Died on 1+16+17=34
34th prime is 139. 
Freemasonry=58, 139

Neil Armstrong died 1,606(End Date) days before Cernan. 
166.....Barney Murphy=166
And so on...
Without the End Date it's 1,605.
Neil Armstrong=165
Scottish Rite=165
Armstrong also died age 82, so the first and last guys to walk on the Moon both die age 82. 
Armstrong also walked on the Moon on 21/7..1969. 
Something I never realized in regards to 217...

CNN says Apollo 17 launched December 6th yet everywhere else even says December 7th...just pointing it out. 
I wonder if it has anything to do with SB 51. 
Nrg Stadium=126
Cernan dies 1 month 26 days before his 83rd bday. 

There's literally so much MOON stuff that is connected to stories in the past year or so, but seems to be getting more prominent.  
Lupercalia-Wolves Howling at the Moon
The Closest Super Moon since 1948 on Prince Charles bday, his ex-wife is Diana...The Goddess of the Moon. 
Michael Jackson the Moonwalker...His son Prince...Janet..
Prince dying on the night of a full Moon..
The Bloodmoons in 2014, 2015 and also the partial Blood Moon on 3/23/16. 
Much more. 



    Little article that came out about him last 3/31. 219 days ago.

  2. And the documentary about him, The Last Man on the Moon, came out 6/8/2014. Today is 222 days since the 2nd anniversary.

    1. The Last Man on the Moon=232, 768(Glory to God)

      His last name means Lord. Lord Eugenics. Lol

  3. I did a moon video today in the sixth sense

  4. With the Houston Super Bowl connection, space and aviation make me think of one very particular team out of the remaining 4. They even have a Star Wars ship named after them...

  5. N# 34 tribute?
    Born in 34, died with 34 numerology
    Pats score 34
    GB score 34
    Pitts combine 34