Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dolphins lose, Packers win...Geronimo Allison 18, 81, Geronimo Native American-Death of Osama Bin Laden

The Dolphins Lose by 18 points on 1/8. 
Eighteen=46, 73

They also scored 12 points. 
Twelve=24, 42,  87

Forty Two=142
Miami Dolphins=142
The Total score was also 12+30=42
Also the last time the Dolphins played the Steelers the Dolphins scored 30 points, now the Steelers score 30. 

A good majority of the game they were down by 17 points. 
Notice it was also 17 degrees out, which they brought up multiple times. 

They tried faking us out when they put in TJ Yates or at least it sure seems as though he would've played well. 
Born in Indianapolis....He's 29 years old. Also was the 152nd pick in the draft. 
Super Bowl Li=152
Played for the Houston Texans on 2 different occasions. 
Even wearing # 16 for the Dolphins which reminds me of the Ft. Lauderdale shooting on 1/6 that was 16 miles from Hard Rock Stadium. 
Tj Yates=100

He even got hurt against the Colts last year ending his season. 

The game started off with a Bang as the Steelers had a 50 Yard TD Pass to # 84 Antonio Brown. Interesting the last time the Dolphins played the Steelers was 84 days ago....Also 12 weeks. 
Antonio Brown of course from Miami. 

Roethlisberger played college at Miami (Ohio). 
I didn't realize he was hurt in the previous game either.

Maybe I'll look more into the actual game but all of the Miami stuff was obviously not for the Dolphins. The Miami coding is undeniable though and like I always say it's not just about sports. Sports just sync up to other things. 
The Giants even lost to the Packers. Which of course was connected to Miami because of their receivers going there. 
I noticed the score was 38+13=51 
And they won by 25 points. 
SB 51 on 2/5. 
Green Bay also had 25 Rushes and 25 completed passes. 
Geronimo Allison played when Jordy Nelson got hurt or at least the announcers told us that he came in when Nelson got hurt. 
Allison wears # 81 and he caught 1 pass for 8 yards on 1/8.

He's also born on the 18th day of the year. 
Notice too Nelson only had 1 pass for 13 yards. 
8 yards and 13 yards....the 813...138...318 and so on. 
Ha that also means Allison's birthday is 18 days before Super Bowl 51. 

The first regular season game Allison played in the NFL was 81 days before his birthday. 
I mean seriously regardless of who wins, I can't believe people think it's not scripted when it's so obvious. 

These were big numbers in regards to the SB last year..
Manning in his 18th season throwing an 18 yard pass to # 81 to begin the Superbowl and a lot more, I'll have to go back and look at it. 

3/22 is the 81st day of the year....Think about that in regards to the native american Geronimo and Prescott Bush and other Skull and Bones Members supposedly taking his bones. 

Jordy Nelson also hurt with 11:08 in the 2nd quarter. 
A lot like Allison's bday. 1/18 or possibly even a connection to the presidential election on 11/8. The day that leaves 53 days in the year.  A Big deal with Geronimo Allison too was that he went to Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 
Iowa Western=53, 152 (mostly referred to as this)
Super Bowl LI=53, 152
Council, Bluffs=53

I also started mentioning him last year as he caught the game winning pass against Nebraska...Interesting it was 1 years 4 months 2 days before the SB. 
Miami Dolphins=142
491 is the 94th prime number. 
Cleveland Indians=94  They had 94 regular season wins this year. 
1994 was the year Michael Jordan played baseball with coach Terry Francona....Jordan even 53 years old right now. 
Geronimo the native american died exactly 54 days before MJ was born on 2/17/1963.  So much more but just thinking back on some previous stuff I've mentioned. 

I also noticed that the Packers were supposed to play a preseason game against the Colts but it was cancelled. 
The Kaepernick kneeling game was against the Packers. I even mentioned how Geronimo Allison was the lead receiver in that game. He even had a 51 yard catch. 
Geronimo Allison=501(Jewish)

Just throwing it out here but Geronimo was also the codename for Osama Bin Laden during Operation Neptune Spear...With all of the 9/11 symbolism I find it interesting. 
Bin Laden also died on 5/1 in America. 

There's also a 1962 film called Geronimo. 
Notice who plays Geronimo...Chuck Connors...a guy I mentioned a few posts back as he was the Dad on the Movie FLIPPER. Funny how this stuff is still connected to what I've been saying. 
Who knows if it's even for the Packers, but there's some weird connections that keep happening that is for sure. 
Notice the film came out on 5/1 too. 

In regards to the the game where Kaepernick didn't was the 1 year anniversary of the Bridgewater shooting...the one with ALLISON Parker. The shooter was Vester Flanagan and he was from San Francisco. 
Vester Flanagan=145 and was born on 10/8....the Cubs stuff. 
Eighty One=54, 108
Bryce Williams=61, 151(Vester's news name)

Interesting the Packers advance to play the Cowboys on Jan. 15th. 
Dallas Cowboys=151
Jesus Christ=151
Green Bay Packers=77
I'm also reminded of the year of Deflategate and Dez Bryant getting screwed over against the Packers in the Playoffs. 

In the few years I've been decoding the sports I've noticed that there are a lot of connections to multiple teams. The key has always been to figure out what the Major and Minor Themes are. If you figure out the correct themes and how they are interrelated, the numbers seem to be easier to read. We just need more time to figure out the process I think. It's difficult to understand the process when there's only a few sports championships every year and no one has been studying it long enough to compare everything to the years prior. 
A big thing I've been trying to figure out is WHEN the new set of code/theme is applied. I don't think it starts at the beginning of each year...For example the Royals winning the World Series in 2015 was all about the year 1985....The college football championship/superbowl/College Basketball/NBA Finals in 2016 were all connected to 1985 as well. Also the Royalty Theme. 
It seems to start with the World Series but then I think about 2015 and the same year the Royals won, the NBA Finals before that when the Warriors won was connected to the same thing. 
The point I'm making is that I see some themes, but I don't think I see the Ultimate Theme that connects it all together. The Super Bowl always seems to be the hardest to figure out too. I also wonder if the themes overlap and sometimes more than 1 championship is used in the same code...Who knows trying to piece it together in my head. 
I see some of these themes repeating, but I seriously can't figure out what it all means and is supposed to be used for. 


  1. Great work Dan. I know exactly what you mean. There's just so many things that connect, and its fun piecing it together. My gut has told me Patriots all season but I couldn't stand to listen to it. Patriots vs Packers seems to be the leading candidate right now. But I wouldn't be surprised if its any combination of the teams left.

  2. I did not know that Chuck Connors was in the 1963 movie Flipper. The guy in the TV series was Brian Kelly.

    1. Yeah I meant the Film, was typing too fast and wrote TV Series. I fixed it though thank you.