Thursday, January 5, 2017

New York Train Wreck-Hoboken Train Wreck-2 NFL Ties in a season since 1997

On 1/4 we got the story of another New YorkTrainwreck. This one says it injured 103. There was also one on 10/8/16. 
If you go back to my Hoboken Trainwreck post 103 was significant as the Cubs finished with 103 regular season wins after that Wreck like I thought they would. It was fitting for the 114 injured in the Hoboken wreck. 

The Dolphins played the Bengals the same day as the Hoboken Train Wreck. They lost 7 to 22. Remember this was the first time they played each other since the Bullying Scandal. Both of the games were on Thursday night. 
Miami also became 1-3 after this game. 
They also became 16-6 all time against the Bengals. 
This story coming on 1/4 or 4/1..
Super Bowl=41
1/4 to 2/5 is 32 days. 

Miami Dolphins=70, 142
Forty Two=142
Seattle Seahawks=70

That game and the Hoboken Trainwreck was 97 days ago. 
The NFL in it's 97th season. 
Remember the Hoboken Trainwreck was connected to the 2005 MLB season as well. 
2005 was the year Nick Saban(Alabama) coached the Dolphins to a 9-7 record. 
Also it was all about Ties....They said 114 people were injured on the Hoboken Train Wreck. 
The Cubs tied the Pittsburgh Pirates the same day. It was the first tie since 2005 when Houston tied Cincinnati 114 days before the 2005 WS in which Houston got swept by the Chicago White Sox. 
The Cubs won the WS on their 114th win in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 

This year in the NFL we got the Tie symbolism as well. The Bengals tied the Redskins and the week before the Seahawks tied the Cardinals. This was the first time 2 ties happened in a season since 1997.   
The Broncos beat the Packers in the Super Bowl in the 97' season, so it's obviously not for the Broncos.. Possibly for the Packers. 

Interesting in 1997 the Bears vs Dolphins game got moved back a day because of Game 7 of the World Series in which the Marlins beat the Indians. 
I mean isn't it funny...the last time there were 2 ties in the NFL the Indians lost in 7 games in World Series just like they did this year too. 
It was also the year the Oilers left Houston and went to Tennessee. 

The Dolphins lost in a game that went to OT 33-33. 
Miami became 5-3 and Bears 1-7. 

The scheduled Monday night game however was Patriots vs Packers. 

In regards to this new trainwreck being in Long, Island...we got a Long Island Train Wreck on 10/8 this year as well. 108 the big number in regards to the Cubs winning the World Series against Cleveland and the Marlins connected through Back to the Future makes me wonder if the Dolphins-Bears Game in 1997 is connected to these 2 trainwrecks....
Especially considering the Dolphins played the Bengals the same day as the Hoboken Trainwreck and 1997 also connected to Cincinnati. 

These Long Island Trainwrecks happened 88 days apart too..Also 2 months 27 days. 
The Bengals beat the Dolphins 22-7 on 9/29. 
88 mph in back to the future. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
The 2005 White Sox won for the first time in 88 years in 2005. 

The first tie since the new rules was even the Rams vs the 49ers. 

Notice "Ties=53, 318, 204
Super Bowl LI=53
The Bengals vs Redskins Tie game this year was in London.
London England=131
Super Bowl=131
Think about London in regards to 2005 too. That was the year of the 7/7/2005 attacks.  2+5=7   7/7/7. 
London on 51N. 
Think about all of the 9/11 stuff lately as well. 
I also mentioned my Henne # 7 and Long # 77 jersey's. 

Notice the tweet on this article has 10 retweets and 12 likes. 
The 10/12 I've been mentioning. Interesting too as Marvin Lewis the Bengals coach tied BART Starr with 3 or more ties. 
Think about the Simpsons Dan Marino Episode of the Simpsons Season 10 episode 12. 
Bart Starr could either be for the Packers or the Cowboys as well. 

The Bengals also tied on 10/12 of 2012. 
They played the I'm thinking about this...
There are a ton of NFL teams that equal 75. 
Seventy Five=53, 152
Super Bowl LI=53, 152
Carolina Panthers=75
Cincinnati Bengals=75
Minnesota Vikings=75
Indianapolis Colts=75
Arizona Cardinals=75
Baltimore Ravens=75
Jacksonville Jaguars=75

75 is a fitting number for SB LI yet none of these teams made the playoffs. 

Gotta go for now, but definitely need to think more on this. The tie symbolism was a big clue into who was in the World Series. 


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  2. Hey Dan, if you look at the last match-up between the Dolphins and Packers, it was played on 10/12/14, a date that looks like 112 (Houston = 112) and the score summed to 51 (27-24). It was also a date numerology of 36 (SB 51 will be played on the 36th day of the year).

    Also, if you look at the total points the Dolphins have scored against the Packers in history, its 333. I remember you said something about the 333 dead dolphins story or something like that. "Miami Dolphins vs Green Bay Packers" = 333.

    If you look at their all time record, the Dolphins lead the Packers 4-10. If they were to meet in the SB, with the Packers winning, that record would be 5-10...a lot like 51.

    Aaron Rodgers said they were going to "Run the Table" and ESPN keeps bringing that up. "Run the Table" = 45, Miami = 45, and NRG Stadium = 45.

    Adam Gase birthday is a span of 53 days after the Superbowl. (Superbowl LI = 53). He will turn 39 years old. (NRG = 39) and L=3 I=9 (39). He was also born on the 88th day of the year and the SB is a span of 10 months 8 days (108) after his birthday. 108 and 88 were big numbers on the Cubs and "AFC Champions" = 108 "Craig Sager" = 88.

    Mike McCarthy (Packers Head Coach) turned 53 (Superbowl LI = 53) on November 10th last year, a date that leaves 51 days in the year. From his birthday to Superbowl 51 is 87 days (Superbowl Fifty-One = 87), a span of 88 days...there's another 88.

    Dolphins Packers Superbowl = 112
    Houston = 112
    Rodgers vs Tannehill = 87
    Superbowl Fifty-One = 87

    One more thing I found interesting is the last time Brett Farve played Dan Marino. It was in the year 97 (97th NFL season) and the score was 23-18 (41, Superbowl = 41). The date was 9/14/97 and it has a numerology of 139 (9+14+19+97=139). Adam Gase = 139 in Jewish. Also, from the date of that game to Superbowl 51 is a total of 1012 weeks, or 112.

  3. To add to the 227's , Mike McCarthy's birthday is also a span of 2 months 27 days before the Superbowl.

    New Orleans, Louisiana = 227
    New Orleans is where Will Smith died.

  4. For the 777 "Dolphins Packers Superbowl" = 1777...not exact, but similar.