Saturday, January 7, 2017

Couple from Council Bluffs, Iowa victims in the Fort Lauderdale shooting

Ok Seriously.....I just saw this on Facebook. One of the "Victims" yesterday in the Fort Lauderdale shooting was from Council Bluffs, Iowa. She was shot in the shoulder and her husband was one of the deaths in the shooting. I just mentioned this town in regards to the Packers and Geronimo Allison being the leading receiver in the game where Kaepernick first didn't stand during the national anthem. Allison went to college at Iowa Western Community College before attending Illinois. I also attended Iowa Western in 2001. It was my first year of college and when 9/11 happened. I've even mentioned how I saw a UFO on 9/10/01 around 11pm in Beebeetown, Iowa on my way back to Council Bluffs. It was on hwy F66....666. 
George Bush then went to Offutt Air Force Base and more...
Council Bluffs used to be called Kanesville and is the famous starting point for the Mormon trail. 
The mormons came to CB because of an illegal treaty with the Omaha People Chief.
My girlfriend is even originally from Council Bluffs. 

She survived but her Husband Michael Oehme was one of the 5 who died.
Michael Oehme=61, 97
Fort Lauderdale=61

This is the lady they are saying it is. 
Kari Slosser Oehme=75, 192
Indianapolis Colts=75, 192
Interesting too "Kari Slosser Oehme"=623(Jewish)
Barack Hussein Obama=623 (Jewish)
Commscope=39, 102=Dallas Cowboys
Shoulder=39, 102(where she was shot)
Cruise=30, 39, 75(They were going on a cruise)
What I find the most interesting in regards to her equaling the same as the Colts is that her name looks similar to OHM.....

THe symbol for Ohm is the upside Horseshoe. The Colts Logo the Horseshoe. 

The Ohm symbol is very similar to the Omega symbol.  I just mentioned the Alpha and Omega...beginning and end. 

Ohm's named after Georg Simon Ohm. 
He died age 65. 7/6/1854. 
Miami Florida=65
7/6 was the big day with the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stories and a lot more. 
Georg Simon Ohm=77, 158
Christ=77....Dolphins Bullying Scandal was all about 158. 
His bday of 3/16 stands out too. 

The Ft. Lauderdale shooter supposedly bornon 3/16..1990. 
3/16 is the 75th day of the year. 
Seventy Five=53, 152
Super Bowl LI=53, 152
Council Bluffs=53, 143

3/16 to 7/6 is 112 days. 
It's also 16 weeks, this shooting happened on 1/6 and was exactly 16 miles from where the Dolphins play. 

Interesting another victim was Olga Woltering and she was there to celebrate her husband RALPH's bday. 

Another couple who were victims were there to celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary. 


  1. This game is the 5 year anniversary of the "Tebow Miracle" where he beat the Steelers in the playoffs on the 1st play of Overtime.
    Adam Gase was the Broncos QB Coach at that time, when Tebow knocked off the Steelers on an 80 yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas.

    Tim = 42, 252
    Fish = 42, 252
    Five = 42, 252
    Dolphin = 42

    Five years later = 166 to go with the other 166 stuff we've been seeing

    1. It was the "316" game for Tebow.
      Three Sixteen = 152. Pennsylvania = 152. Super Bowl LI = 152.
      Timothy Tebow = 1984. Matt Moore is born in 1984.
      Moore's birthday is 5 days before Tebow. (8/9 and 8/14)

      Fort Lauderdale shooter born 3/16 as you pointed out

    2. Also Moore's birthday was 152/153 days ago. 152 = three Sixteen, and 153 is the miracle catch number

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  3. Hey Dan !
    Just a quick link for you regarding the "Ohm" symbolism, apparently it symbolizes "Life & Death" take a look.
    hope it helps.