Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mariah Carey New Years Eve Lip Sync-Janet Jackson becomes mom at 50-Super Bowl 51-Francis Scott Key-National Anthem

So as I was looking through the Super Bowls earlier today I noticed that Mariah Carey sang the National Anthem in one of them. She was just in the news in regards to her lip syncing on New Years Eve. 

Anyway she sang the national anthem at Super Bowl 36. This was the Super Bowl just after 9/11 in which the Patriots beat the RAMS. 
All of the Kaepernick stuff in regards to the national anthem and I also have mentioned the connection between the 49ers and the Rams. The coin toss also involved Roger Staubach who will turn 75 years old the day of Super Bowl 51. 
Mariah Carey=57, 102
National Anthem=57
New Years Eve=142

In the Mariah Carey CNN story they also brought up the Super Bowl Boob thing with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Now we get a story about Janet Jackson becoming a mother age 50. 
First thing I thought of when I saw this story is JJ. 
I have been mentioning how there is something significant with people's names having JJ initials lately. 
Mom=14, 41
Super Bowl=41
13th prime number is 41
New Mom=29, 83
Football=29, 83
Janet Jackson=33 Today is 33 days before the Super Bowl.

The babies name is "Eissa"
Eissa=17, 53

Eissa=318 (English)

Nipplegate=51, 105
It was in Houston where SB 51 will be played. 
Justin Timberlake born on 1/31

The last song Janet performed before Timberlake joined her was called "The Knowledge". 

That song along with the song before it called "Rhythm Nation" were both on this album..."Rhythm Nation 1814". 

Notice the 1814 in the album represents the year Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem. 
It says several critics noted the R(Rhythm) and the N(Nation) are the 18th and 14th letter but Jackson said it was a coincidence. 
Wardrobe Malfunction=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88
Great Garrison Flag=88 (inspired Key to write it)
It was written in the Battle of Baltimore.

The Music for the national anthem was written by this guy. 
John Stafford Smith=79, 88, 205

It wasn't officially the national anthem until 3/3/1931 by Herbert Hoover...HH...88
Battle of Baltimore=176....88+88=176
Baltimore=41, 95
Baltimore Maryland=75, 183

Notice the Battle also began on 9/12...
Super Bowl LI=912
1814 was also 203 years ago. 
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
Although the national anthem written on 9/14/1814. So not quite 203 years yet but will be this year. 

The reason Key was even by the Battle of Baltimore was because he was a lawyer trying to get the release of William Beanes. 
William Beans=53, 125
Also his 10/12 bday is interesting. 

Janet officially announced she was pregnant on 10/12 as well. 
10/12 was 83 days ago. 

Also in regards to the Janet Jackson thing happening in Houston. 
This year will be the 3rd Super Bowl held in Houston. The previous winners were the Dolphins in SB 8 and the Patriots in SB 38. So the Dolphins and the Patriots are the only teams that have won a SB in Houston. 

Even before Marino it seems the 13 and 17 were special to Miami.
Notice SB 8 played on the 13th day of the year and Miami won by 17 points. 

Charley Pride sang the national anthem in SB 8. 

Pride was born on 3/18. 
Charley Pride=70, 124
Miami Dolphins=70

This also means that the Dolphins haven't won a SB in 43 years on 1/13/17 if they make it that far. 

Janet having a kid aged 50 also reminds me of Michael Jackson as he died age 50. 
Janet born on 5/16 that leaves 229 days. 
The 50th prime is 229
Michael Jackson=124 born on 8/29 that leaves 124 days in year. 

The 7th anniversary of his death was 192 days ago. 
Notice he died in Obama's first year as president.
Michael Joseph Jackson=197
Los angeles California=197(he died)
Prince=197(Jewish...his kid)
197 the 45th prime. 
Michael Jackson is big in a lot of things. 
He has an album called "Off the Wall"...he's the Moonwalker...Dirty Diana...all of the Moon stuff. 
MJ  13 10  similar to 131. 
MJ also 4 and the 13th prime and "Superbowl". 
Prince Charles=131=Superbowl

Michael Jackson performed in SB 27. This was the 1st game of the Bills vs Cowboys back to back Superbowls. 
Notice the Bills Scored 17 points. 

The next year the Bills lost again to the Cowboys with 13 points. 


  1. Also commented on your video...

    I just noticed today that Li is the element Lithium and thought it might connect to Superbowl LI. The element itself didn't bring up much but there is a company called Lithium Technologies. The CEO is Rob Tarkoff = 112 and he started his role as CEO on Sept 12 !!!
    Superbowl LI = 912 etc

  2. Warren Beatty=152 was just in a movie about Howard Hughes.That movie came out 11/23 75 days before super bowl 51. Seventy five= 152. Hughes died in Houston in 1976, 79 days after super bowl 10 which was cowboys vs steelers. The steelers won 21 to 17= 38. The date was 1/18. Forty one years later is 2017. Forty one=118. Beatty was in the movie "Shampoo"=87 with carrie fisher. The movie about hughes is called "RUles dont apply"= 63. Super bowl 10 was played in "Miami FL"= 63

  3. Warren Beatty hasnt made a movie since 2001 called "Town and Country"= 63 Miami, fl=63. THe super bowl that year was Ravens vs Giants sb35. The Giants had only 152 yards of offense and one TD on a 97 yard kick return.