Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lil Yachty post new Comment-Atlanta-Obama-Skippa Da FLIPPA-My Uncle

So I was searching my blog for 68 because of my last post and I noticed there was a bunch of 68 in this post I made on 8/24/16. The funny part is that it's about an Atlanta Rapper(if that's what you call it lol). The reason it stuck out to me so much is when I was writing this post I got a weird comment on an old video by someone with an Avatar of an Alligator. I was still talking a lot about the Boy who was ate by the Alligator had a bunch of syncs to my life at that time as well. 
Lane Graves=68(Boy ate)
Dunlap=68 (Town I live in)
Famous for killing Chief Yellowsmoke in 1868. 
He died in Lake Buena Vista Florida where the Atlanta Braves play their spring training games. But I went to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa....
Storm Lake=114
Buena Vista=114
The town I live in is the halfway point between Storm Lake and where Lane Graves was from....Google Maps said I live 1 hour 14 minutes from where he was from. 
My Uncle dies on 1/14. 
Lebron James=114 and he's in a Sprite Commercial where they use Lil' Yachty's song " Minnesota". 
Lil Yachty connections to Death of Prince-Kanyne West
The reason the comment was so strange was I was actually typing about Kanye West when I got a notification on my phone. I looked at it and it was a weird comment on a Kanye West video I put out over a year before the post I was typing up. 

Anyway the person responded randomly responded to my blog post about it on 1/22/17...
They seem like a legit person, but weird how it syncs up. 

So I got another comment from them 152 days after my original post. 
Super Bowl LI=152

This is the message they wrote on my old video...I mean seriously..
My Uncle died 175 days after his bday, wrecks his truck just before Hwy 175 with a town that has a school Mascot the Falcons.
One Hundred Seventy Five=152=Super Bowl LI
The Simpsons episode with Marino Season 10 episode 12...And so on...

I figured I'd look and see how far away from the Super Bowl my post about Atlanta Rapper Lil' Yachty was....Of Course 166 days.
Barney Murphy=166(my uncle)
The Gold Slipper=166
The Flintsones aired 166 episodes
I asked my mom what my Uncles bday was 166 days after his bday. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95=Dan Behrendt
May Thirteenth=166  a date I was shown with other weird coincidences...
Obilivion shows drone # 166 when it says 2017 will be the last superbowl ever played. 
Trump's bday on the 166th day of 2016(Pope/Key of David)
Twin Towers=166
Alton Sterling=166...We got that story on 7/6/16....the original video that got the weird comment was on 7/6/15.  

Miles McCollum=51
Kanye West=51
Synced up to SB 51. 
Remember Kanye said he is gonna run for President in 2020. Kanye was also born in ATLANTA. 
I also find it interesting that the person Ganonbros responds with a different username of "Raphael Soria". 
Raphael Soria=123
Kanye West=123

Interesting the old video was about Obama possibly being assassinated, because Kanye West sang the Queen Song in Glastonbury..Remember all of the Nirvana stuff too in regards to my Uncle/Weird stuff happening....Kanye was only in Glastonbury because Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg. 9/23/15 was the first day of FALL. We had the actor fall and die from his balcony, the drone fall into the Tennis game, the Braves Fan fall to his death...a bunch of falling stories in the media just before 9/23/15. 

Notice Lil Yachty's main song that I know is called Minnesota but also featuring Skippa Da FLIPPA...(Flipper). 

I was also told the Alligator is named Gummy...

Gummy is from this show. 
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic=157, 166, 175, 355
Notice the show premiered on 10/10/10..
Lil Yachty's debut album comes out on 3/9 167 days before his bday. 
167 the 39th prime number. 

Yachty's rise to prominence was because a comedy act played his song "One Night" in which is got his soundcloud 39 million plays. 

This is the comedy video. Notice it was put on Youtube on 12+24+15=51
When Bae Hits you with that what are we=152=Super Bowl LI
Senseilefox=52, 70, 133

Interesting in the video the guy is wearing a Florida Marlins Hat too. 

The first episode Gummy was on is called..
"Feeling Pinkie Keen"=157
Friendship is Magic=115.....season 1 episode 15. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115
Lil Yachty=115
Yeezy Season Three=115

Seriously this last month has been by far the most bizarre in my entire life. I've talked about the connections to my life a lot before but not at this level. I wish I knew what exactly is going on...Who to really trust, and everything else. 


  1. Weird for me too. You are synched up to the SYSTEM. Please look up Black Beatles and the Mannequin Challenge if you get the time.

    Its a Jesuit Party.
    Jesuit Pope
    Jesuit Prez
    Jesuit ties with Falcons Owner
    Jesuit QB
    Jesuit Halftime Performer
    Red and Black everywhere

  2. Why do you refer to me as "they" ?

    I'm just a 15 years old dude that founs this blog on the internet.

    There's no conspiracy and I hope you are kidding when you belive I am related to all of this.

    1. I have no idea why. I don't know you so I wrote they instead of he or she I guess. Whether you are just a 15 year old kid or someone like the rest of the people messing with me you are connected. I'm not trying to call you out by any means as I've been documenting a lot of weird things that keep happening to me that are interrelated a lot like the TV show "Touch". So my original post about you was 5 months 13 days before the Super Bowl. "They"=513 and you left this message at 5:13pm my time(central). What are the odds of that? I also posted about how it's connected to the super bowl and today is 1/31..."Superbowl"=131.

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