Monday, November 28, 2016

Purdue University-Eugene Cernan and Neil Armstrong First and Last guys on the Moon

I was reading through some of the comments on one of Zach's blog Post's and I remembered I had in my notes about this guy a few weeks ago. I couldn't respond to the message of course though as It doesn't let me respond to anyone it seems. So figured I'd post a bit about what I had written down. 
I remembered while watching the Wisconsin vs Purdue game this year they mentioned how the above guy (Eugene Cernan) was alma matter at Purdue along with Neil Armstong. Cernan is the last man to walk on the moon and Armstrong was the first. 
I've covered a lot of stuff in regards to the Moon and how it connects to Lupercalia/Teen Wolf and also how the Native American Theme is somehow interrelated with the Royalty/Moon stuff. 

Eugene Cernan=112
He's 1 of 12 people to walk on the Moon. 
Fidel Castro=112
The Moon stuff reminds me of the Space Race during the Cold War too. 
Ohio State=112 and of course we got that story today as well. 

In the Navy he was in Attack Squadron 126 and 112. 

He has the rover land speed record of 11.2 mph. 

Purdue is in Indiana(Land of the Indians)

Neil Armstrong died age 82. Right now Cernan is 82 years old. Cernan's birthday is also Pi Day 3/14. 
Neil Armstrong born on 8/5. 
Purdue University=85
Remember the Simpsons Killed Armstrong off with Prince on the episode that came out on 11/2. Prince died on 112th day of the year on the night of a Full Moon. 

Neil Armtrong's death day was 82 days before the Extra Super Moon on 11/14. 

The next Super Moon this Year is on December 14th which is 112 days after Neil Armstrong's death day. 

Also just the name Cernan reminds me a lot of CERN. 

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