Monday, January 30, 2017

Cena defeats AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble-Flintstones and possible connections to SB 51

So last night John Cena defeated AJ Styles to become the World Champion for the 16th time. 

I saw people posting about Cena being from Massachusetts and Styles being from Georgia. Reminding us a bit of the upcoming Super Bowl  Patriots(Mass) vs Falcons(GA).
So interesting Cena won last night. The first thing I find interesting in regards to that is Cena's character is similar to Tom Brady and the Patriots too. America's guy and what not. 

Cena TYING Ric Flair for the most world championships at 16 sticks out too because right now Tom Brady is tied with Montana and Bradshaw for most Super Bowl wins with 4.   444=Masonic=Jesus and so on...

This would seem as if Cena is showing us the Patriots will win but we will see. I still think Falcons..
John Cena=70
Cena just tied and didn't surpass Rick Flair.

It's funny too in the Ft. Lauderdale shooting how I said that cop reminded me of John Cena and here I am posting about him yet again. 

Another connection in regards to the Royal Rumble and Boston/Atlanta. 
Every time the Royal Rumble is in Atlanta is is followed by Boston the next year so far. 

Cena is also in an upcoming movie called "The Wall". 

I just don't get how people don't think these type of things are fishy. We get the president who wants to build the wall and wins on the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Now getting all kinds of movies and entertainment about Walls. All of these things were planned in advance..For example this film was planned out in 2014 way before Trump won or was even running. 

We got the TV show called the Wall in December. 

Now I seen a preview for this movie last night. 

This movie also was thought of in 2014. 

I also noticed that John Cena was in the WWE Cartoon film that was mixed with the Flintstones. Maybe nothing but he was also in a movie called FRED. Haven't watched either film yet, not sure if I will have time before the Super Bowl but eventually I will. 

I also noticed that AJ Styles won the Championship belt on 9/11...Just seems fitting in regards to the Patriots/Trump stuff and more. 
Cena and Styles both 39 years old...

Cena is 40 days younger than Styles. 
Atlanta Falcons=40
Both born on 104 date numerology. 
June 2nd is also the 153rd day of the year. 
Sixty Three=153
February Fifth Two thousand Seventeen=153
It's also 63 days before Wrestlemania 33...1/29 to 4/2. Last time Falcons were in SB was SB 33. 

Super Bowl 51 is 77 days before Cena's bday. Cena and Styles both born in 77'. 
Ric Flair also was in the four horsemen who fueded with the NWO.
Funny Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble as well as he was in the military and went AWOL. 
Randal Keith Orton=77


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  2. If New England loses Brady will be 24-10 in the playoffs. 241 = Britain.

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