Friday, January 6, 2017

5 Dead at Fort Lauderdale Airport-More Miami coding-Scott Frost-Nebraska Cornhuskers-Suh-Asante Samuel

I just got home from work and saw this story on CNN. Now if the Miami Dolphins don't make the Super Bowl, I was at least spot on in the coding of Miami. This shooting was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but that's basically Miami if you look at a map. 
Isn't it crazy that just last night I posted about my cousin living in Pembroke Pines which is super close to this airport? As I'm typing this right now, my phone buzzed and told me that his wife marked herself as safe in regards to this attack. 

The shooting even happened 16 miles away from Hard Rock Stadium where the Dolphins play. 
Today is 1/6. 
Sixteen=33, 42, 96
Freemason=42, 96
Fort Lauderdale=61, 142
Miami Dolphins=70, 142
Forty Two=142
Five=42 (amount dead)
Also 5 reminds me of how I started connecting the Miami stuff in regards to Super Bowl 5 that was played in Miami. 

Yahoo's article even put "Lost his mind" in Quotes. 
Lost his mind=52, 61, 142

The shooter was Esteban Santiago.
Esteban Santiago=53, 152
Super Bowl LI=53, 152

Notice how he told FBI agents in Alaska that the government was controlling his mind and forcing him to watch Islamic State group videos? 

It also says he came Anchorage Alaska on  a Delta flight. 
I looked up Anchorage and it was bought for 7.2 million by William H Seward who died in the year 72'. Possibly nothing but there's 2 weird things that stick out to me with this. When I got off work earlier I went to the other gas station in town and I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a while. She told me she was going to Seward, Nebraska to hang out with a friend.  Seward is about 2 hours away from here and that's why it stuck out to me.  Also just last night I rewatched the film "Little Giants" and the main character is "IceBox" and Seward buying Alaska is called "Seward's Icebox"...

CNN also has 2 other stories right now about ICE.  
Ice Cube saying the Clowning is over in regards to the Raiders. 
Iceberg the size of Delaware to break off....
Who knows just find it interesting. 
ICE=17....Also 102(English)
Also the Killer Whale story is interesting..I know not a Dolphin but Whales sure make me think of the Ocean and Dolphins. 

Terminal Two=51, 150
Green Bay Packers=150

Notice it started at 12:55  which is 5 minutes until 1.   51...
Esteban Santiago....E=5....S=1

The Airport even originally opened on 5/1 in the 1929.

Not sure of the connection but interesting today is Suh's 30th birthday. 
Or actually today is 30 days before SB 51 and he turned 30 years old. 

They also interviewed this lady. Just interesting with the Michigan Wolverines shirt. 
Yes the Michigan was in the Orange Bowl a Week ago but Michigan is connected to all of these stories. 
Michigan Wolverines=98, 142

It's also Asante Samuel's bday. Seems more fitting to this guy as he was born in Ft. Lauderdale. 
He won SB 38 and 39 with the Patriots. 
Turned 35....
Tom Brady=35
Thirty Five=142
Notice he went to Central Florida as well. 
Scott Frost is the coach of UCF which ties in to the Nebraska stuff. Frost even beat Tennessee in the Orange Bowl 42-17 in 1997 which was the year Nebraska and Michigan had to share the Title. Nebraska plays Tennessee in their 2016 Bowl game and Michigan plays in the Orange Bowl in 2016. 
Think about Nebraska and Michigan sharing too in regards to what I had mentioned earlier with "Ties" and it's connection to 1997. 
The last time 2 NFL ties happened in a Season was 1997. 
Asante Samuel=32, 131
Samuel=71=Moses=The Ten Commandments
Sam Foltz.....Foltz was connected to Lawrence Phillips who played with Scott Frost and beat his girlfriend up too. 
Of Course Suh from Nebraska....probably all interrelated for the stupid Patriots lol. 


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  2. Its crazy all these connections...what i don't understand is how crazy these codes could be and since Miami is unlikely to make the SB, where does this take us?? Perhaps as far as who will be the SB MVP , perhaps he will have roots from Miami or head coaches home state/college , same for any player....I dont see Miami making it to the SB, but somehow this will make more sense when we get to the AfC and NFC championship games, great work thx!

    1. Yeah let's say Miami gets knocked out in Wildcard or even Divisional, that makes all this coding which seems to connect the Dolphins to Superbowl 51 just baffling.
      We've got to figure out more about how this system works, and I think we will learn a lot after this superbowl, for sure.