Wednesday, May 15, 2019

New Orleans Pelicans land Number 1 pick in the draft and the connections to France-810

The New Orleans Pelicans land the number 1 pick in the draft this year. They are most likely taking Zion Williamson..
What I find interesting is that today is 2 months 27 days before the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarchy. Think about New Orleans...Louisiana in regards to FRANCE. 
New Orleans, Louisiana=227
Connie Halpen=227(reverse) and 56(rev red)
56 year old wooden angel? 
Paris France=56
David Griffin the former GM for the Cavs who got Lebron back and won the championship with them in 2016. Remember the Cavs rigged lottery as well. 

Louisiana named in honor of King Louis XIV who began his reign on May 14th exactly 376 years ago. 
Louis XIV=49
49th prime is 227. 

Also interesting that Louis XIV's father and grandfather both died on May the 2 Kings before him died on 5/14. 
House of Bourbon=666(satanic)

Today is also the anniversary of Israel declaring it's independence. Think about Zion in regards to that. 
Zion=919(english ext)
New Orleans Pelicans=79, 205
Zion Williamson=79
LeBron Raymone James=79, 205

This also comes 64 days after Anthony Davis' bday on 3/11. 
311 the 64th prime number. 
Anthony Davis=64

Think about 8/10 and 8/11 in regards to Zion/Third Temple, New Jerusalem...

Louis XIV is also the longest reigning Monarch in European History. It just reminds me of Queen Elizabeth II who is the longest English/British Monarch...she still has about 5 years to go before beating Louis XIV. 

You can't forget Kanye's comment on Katrina and his connection to the Paris Attacks either. 


  1. I just stumbled upon King Charles III of Spain. Some numbers line up it seems if you look at his reign August 10th 1759 to December 14th 1788. August 10th 1759 to August 10th 2019 is 260 years. The 26 so important to the queen. Maybe less as impressive is that Sandy Hook was exactly 244 years after he died. America begins its 244th year on July 4th. Being a Spanish King Charles' true name was "Carlos" = 244 Jewish

  2. Big in the news right now is Carlos Ghosn. Nissan = 310 ext

  3. We know that somehow France is going to get it bad this year, too, around Tisha B'av. Notre Dame burnings, yellow vests, etc. All tied in. Plus, there was the possibility of the Saints going to the Super Bowl last year, but failed. A lot of failure and death of religious people, places, events lately. Church burnings, etc.

  4. I keep thinking about Zion Williamson's Nike shoe blow out at 33 seconds in the game on February 20/19. In San Francisco there is a Nike Missile site SF 88, it is the one Nike Missile site the USA decided to keep for Historical purposes and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. As part of the SALT I Treaty, both USA and Russia were allowed to keep one missile site each for historical purposes. Now Zion is probably going to the Pelicans. Alcatraz means Pelican. Alcatraz is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and started as a Federal Prison August 11, 1934 with the arrival of the first 137 inmates.
    137 is the 33rd prime, Pelican = 33, Pier 33 is where you get the ferry for Alcatraz.
    Also Alcatraz was claimed by Juan de Ayala and given the name "Isla de Alcatraces" "Island of the Pelicans" on August 12, 1775. Juan retired from service March 14, 1785 (Pi).
    Alcatraz Island = 141 (811 the 141st prime)
    SALT I Treaty = 141
    Nike Missile Site SF 88 = 219 (2019)
    Nike Missile Site = 227 (Pi)
    Nike Missile = 119
    Juan de Ayala = 202
    San Francisco = 202
    Zion Williamson's Nike shoe blow out was 2/20 or 20/2

    1. San Francisco eighty eight = 119
      I keep thinking the song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" is important with the riddle. I just looked it up and on May 15, 1984 the City and County of San Francisco adopted the song as one it's two official Anthems, what are the odds it's the same date as today, lol, and 88 days from August 11/19, also won the Grammy May 15, 1963, 56 years ago ...The second anthem is the title song from the 1936 film "San Francisco" a "musical-drama, disaster film" based on the 1906 earthquake....There is something more here.
      City and County

  5. I forgot to finish my last line, lol
    "City and County of San Francisco" = 119, 137, 118

  6. One more thing, lol, at that game of the shoe blow out Obama was in the audience wearing a
    "No 44 bomber jacket" as stated in People.
    No 44 bomber jacket = 142 (August 11 the 223rd day leaving 142)
    Number 44 bomber jacket = 118 (8/11 = 11/8)
    Number forty four bomber jacket = 322

  7. One minute after the Pelicans won lottery I looked in their wikepedia page and Zion williamson was listed as their Owner. i took a screen shot of it, trippy shit, wonder if it was their before they won lottery, was up until this morning and then back to their real owner